My Baby Birdies

When we finally decided to take down one of Christmas wreaths that was still up in March we found that a bird had started to build a nest so we left it up.


photo 2

photo 3

photo 4




Now they’re gone and I’m experiencing empty nest syndrome.

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Snake Wreath

Halloween is coming! This year I thought I would make a new decoration. I get Martha Stewart’s craft of the day emails. Since Halloween is drawing near most of her emails have been Halloween-y. One day I received one with an idea of taking a Fall wreath and adding snakes to it then painting it black. She called it the wriggling snake wreath, but mine doesn’t wriggle so much. But I like it and here’s how I did it.

First, I bought a small Fall wreath, some jewelry/beading wire, black spray paint and five toy snakes.

Second, I took all the goofy flowers off of the wreath. Then I weaved the snakes around the wreath until I liked where they were. Then I snipped some pieces of wire and twisted the wire around the wreath to make the snakes stay in place.

Finally, I spray painted until everything was black.

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