Centerpiece Testing

My pinsperation for centerpieces was glittery jars. And no, not mason jars. I’m over that. Just plain, old, cylinder vases. So I tested a few glitterification methods.

Martha Stewart glitter paint is a no go. I had to do about six layers with varying techniques before I got it halfway as translucent as I wanted it.


Glitter and Modpodge looks great. It looks really fantastic and textured actually. However, it gets fucking EVERYWHERE. So that’s out. But it does look good.


But there is a winner. Krylon Glitter Blast spray paint. It’s the most even, the most efficient, and the easiest to do. And the best part is that it is sold at Sears and Joe gets a discount there. Hurrah!


And ignore the bottom of the glitter and ends of the spray paint. Underneath is the Martha Stewart glitter paint mishap. I just didn’t want to buy more vases to test ideas. This has also helped me decide that I’m just going to paint the whole vase. Originally I was planning on taping off parts of it for a different effect, but not. The whole thing. Much easier that way.


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I’m Engaged!

Last night, after almost seven and a half years, Joe proposed!

He really wanted to go out on a date so I did my hair at my mom’s then came back home to his house to change and do my make up. We went to Outback and then a local arcade, Bonkers, where I kicked his butt in skee ball. When we got home I opened the front door and there were rose petals going up the stairs.


The petals went right to our bedroom. When I opened the door there were balloons all over and at the end of each ribbon was a picture of us from some point in our relationship.


On the wall in glow in the dark paint were the words ‘marry me?’


At this point I’m laugh/crying. So I turn around and Joe starts to give his speech and he gets down on one knee and held up this ring.

photo 1

Of course I said yes. How could I not?


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Things I Shouldn’t Be Thinking About Yet

There are a lot of things that I have been thinking about lately that are currently impossibilities. Joe and I have been together for almost five and half years so there are lots of relationship-y things that I think about.

For example, I would absolutely love if Joe and I could buy a house soon, or even just live together just the two of us. But we are both too broke for that so we both live at home with our mothers. It’s definitely nice that our moms will still let us live at home, especially mine because I moved out for two years then came back home. But we’ve started saving and a house is my money top priority. By the time I graduate I’d like to be able to buy one. And Joe will be done with classes after the Winter semester, all he’ll have left are his internships. It’s a possibility, right? And we know what we want. Two stories, and enough land for him to build a separate garage with an apartment on top.

The other big thing that I think about is getting married. After five and a half years I think I’m allowed to think about that. But again, Joe and I are too broke to make that happen. I’m so excited to get married and be able to call Joe my husband. I have also thought a lot about the wedding itself. Well, not the ceremony, but a lot about the reception. Joe has a huge family so it has to be for a lot of people. I really just want a big party with good food, good booze and good music. I even have a theme, decorations and a dress picked out. I’m a bit ahead of schedule with that since we aren’t even engaged yet, but it’ll happen eventually.

The last thing I think about is having kids, but I mostly think about how I don’t want to have them right away. However, I also think they’re going to be very cute and I’m excited to play with them and all that jazz. Let me make this clear, I do not want kids now or any time soon. Joe and I have decided that we will have a kid by the time he’s thirty and he’s two years older than me. Seems like a good time to me.

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