I’m Engaged!

Last night, after almost seven and a half years, Joe proposed!

He really wanted to go out on a date so I did my hair at my mom’s then came back home to his house to change and do my make up. We went to Outback and then a local arcade, Bonkers, where I kicked his butt in skee ball. When we got home I opened the front door and there were rose petals going up the stairs.


The petals went right to our bedroom. When I opened the door there were balloons all over and at the end of each ribbon was a picture of us from some point in our relationship.


On the wall in glow in the dark paint were the words ‘marry me?’


At this point I’m laugh/crying. So I turn around and Joe starts to give his speech and he gets down on one knee and held up this ring.

photo 1

Of course I said yes. How could I not?


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Seven Years

Today Joe and I are celebrating seven years. Aren’t we cute?

Now I knew he wasn’t planning on proposing, it’s too cliché. But when he gave me a card, I felt it before opening it. He laughed.


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More Baby Birdies

After my birds hatched and flew away I was experiencing some empty nest syndrome feelings. However, a different bird kept flying to the nest. One day I checked and there were tree eggs. I was so excited. When Joe came over the next day I had him look at my three new eggs, he came back and said there were four. I checked again the next day and five eggs were there!

Unfortunately, something attacked the nest in the night. My mom called to tell me that three were missing and two more were dead in the nest. She took care of the last two, rather than leaving them for whatever got the other three. Poor little babies. And that poor mother. I wonder if finches feel sorrow.

Here are the pictures I had before they were attacked. They were so cute.

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4


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My Baby Birdies

When we finally decided to take down one of Christmas wreaths that was still up in March we found that a bird had started to build a nest so we left it up.


photo 2

photo 3

photo 4




Now they’re gone and I’m experiencing empty nest syndrome.

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Life Achievement

photoToday I got into Michigan State University’s Masters of Social Work program. It’s being run through SVSUs campus so I don’t even have to move. I’m so excited! I believe it starts this July.

I’ve also lost ten pounds in the last month and a half, looked at engagement rings with Joe and will graduate Summa Cum Laude in May.

This is my year.

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Six Years

Joe and I are celebrating six years together today. It’s very exciting. I never thought I would find the person I want to be with for the rest of my life so young. Joe makes me the happiest girl in the world.


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My New Puppy

A few months ago Joe and I learned that his cousin’s dog was pregnant. I was lucky enough to go over to her house the day the puppies were born and immediately fell in love with the black one. We talked it over and looked through our finances and decided that we wanted to bring her home.

Her name is Lilo Cricket, because she is so bouncy. Joe picked Lilo and it fits well. She has a white stripe on her chest and belly and has some brown spots behind her ears that Joe’s mom thinks look almost like bows. She is a poo-shi-pom. Half poodle, quarter shih tzu, quarter pomeranian.

She likes to bite, but she’s still teething. She’s been very good about potty training and is learning to let us know if she has to go. She likes to chew on drawstrings, small bones and my chapsticks. She also loves to run around and wrestle with Joe’s sister’s pomeranian.

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Five Years or Half a Decade

Five years ago Joe and I started dating. It doesn’t feel like it was that long ago but when I think about it it really is a long time. It also got me thinking. Five years is half a decade. I’m only two decades old. That means that I have spent a quarter of my life with Joe. It has definitely been the most fun quarter.

He makes me the happiest girl in the world.

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Thanksgiving 5K

The 5K went well. Here are some pictures.


Mom, Molly, Aunt Katie and Danny warming up

Mom, me and Lily

This is Lily passing us on her second loop. Kyle and I walked with Grandma so we got passed a lot.

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Thanksgiving Shirts Pt. 2

As I’ve mentioned before, and I’m sure you’ve all read in my other post about it ;), my family is running a 5K at 9am on Thanksgiving morning. The event wasn’t giving out shirts so we decided to make some ourselves. I designed the shirt, mom picked the color and added the line with my grandma’s name. We were going to have our names on the back but that was $4 extra per person so we decided against it. Otherwise, they’re pretty fantastic.

This is the final product front and back:

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Gobbler Gallop

This year my sister decided the family should have Thanksgiving in Saginaw. She also heard about a 5K called the Gobbler Gallop taking place at 9am Thanksgiving morning. She and about half of the rest of the family, which consists of 12 people including myself, are also runners. My mom, grandma, Uncle Paul and myself are not. Although the two youngest cousins aren’t technically runners they’re young enough that they might as well be.

Normally 5Ks give out shirts when you register for them but this one isn’t because it’s only $5. My mom thought, “Hey, what if we design a shirt and have it made for all of us?” Lily and I both thought it was a good idea so we started a design. We immediately decided it had to be a long sleeve. We’re going to have our names and “Winner, winner Turkey dinner,” on the back and a lovely turkey in sneakers on the front. We’re still deciding on the shirt color, but this is what the front will look like.

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Not a Treehouse of Horror

Halloween was a success. My costume worked out so well. Joe didn’t end up using the skin cap. It looked like a condom on his head so we said no. He did have some pipe cleaners scotch taped to his head for a little while though.

There was a ton of food. A ton. Chili, deviled eggs, baked beans, dip shit, and more chips and dips than you could imagine. There were two beer pong tables in the garage, one with gutters on the sides, and a normal one. A bonfire outside. My mom read tarot cards for any of the guests that wanted it, and a lot did. And there was a keg. People drank, ate, gambled and had their futures read to them, it was good times. We’ll definitely have to have another party like that.

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Totaling One and Buying Another

As if the first few days at a new school weren’t stressful enough, I went and totaled my mini van. My poor Bernadette. I only had her for 5 months.

The picture doesn’t look that bad, but the damage is way worse than it looks. That door is a power door so that creates problems. The axel of the back passenger tire was just completely crooked. The tail light was falling off. And somehow the paneling on the inside of the other side of the car was falling off. Then when we got it to a mechanic and it was put on a lift the whole floor had buckled. So the car was totaled.

Finding a new car was such a pain. Finding a car at a dealership in our price range is nearly impossible. We found two in our range. An American made mini van that just didn’t feel right compared to my Sienna. Then an Intrigue with a faulty gas gauge, engine light on and 180,000 miles. We eventually decided to buy the neighbors 2001 Buick Century. It’ll be nice to drive a car instead of a van.

However I did keep the side panel that got knocked off when the lady hit me going 50mph.

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Birthday/Christmas Present

For my birthday/Christmas I was given a week long trip to England from my grandma. My cousin, Kyle, was so jealous that I was getting to go that my grandma gave him the same gift for his Christmas/birthday present.

This is my first official time out of the country, except for staying a night on the Canada side of Niagra Falls, so I’m very excited. I will be gone from June 17th to June 25th and I’m so excited!

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Mr. Bubbles (left) and Bingo (right)

Joe and I decided to get some fish. They are our test puppy, because he promised me a puppy after I graduate. And fish just seemed fun.

We each decided the names of our fish a while ago. Mine is Bingo and his is Mr. Bubbles. The tank is a loan from Joe’s sister’s boyfriend, who happens to have a lot of empty fish tanks sitting around. This is his smallest one. He also lent us a book about fish and bookmarked what the best fish for us would be. We decided on the rosy barb.

Mr. Bubbles

We’re very excited about our fish. We’re even thinking about getting two more to make the tank a little less lonely, but we’re going to wait a little while just to make sure we can even keep these two alive. We’re also thinking about getting a different type of fish. So far the zebra danios and the cardinal tetras are looking good. They seem to be fairly small, live in the same type of environment and get along well with other fish. We’ll make a decision on that in the next couple of weeks.

They love to hide behind the log. It’s their favorite spot. The best part is how they seem to dance in the corners. They just bob back and forth and back and forth together and always in the corners. It’s very cute.

The Tank

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My first two years at Grand Valley have been awesome. I had always wanted the move out of the house and go away to college experience. But wow, I never expected how much it would cost. I mean, I knew it would be expensive, but living away from home sure is pricey. Because of this I have decided to transfer to Saginaw Valley because I am from Saginaw.

Transferring was something I had always thought about in the back of my mind, but never seriously, because it was very hard on Joe and I to be a two and a half hour drive away. Especially because I didn’t have a car until two months ago and gas is expensive.

The idea to transfer back home actually got into my head because of my mom. She was bringing me back to school after winter break and asked if I planned on coming back to Saginaw after graduating. I told her I did for a few years and she asked me why I didn’t just come back now and save myself some money. Within a week I had applied to SVSU. Coincidentally, I changed my major the week after. SVSU has a good school of Social Work so it just made sense.

So in the Fall of 2010 I will turn from a Laker to a Cardinal. The funniest part about this transfer is that the two schools are rivals. There is even a week in September dedicated to their rivalry called Battle of the Valleys which is ended by their football game. For the most part Grand Valley is at the top of their game when it comes to sports. GVSU has about 20,000 undergraduate students while SVSU only has about 9,000 and that tends to make a difference in sports.

I’m very excited to go home and be near my family. My sister is going into high school so that should be fun and my mom may being going back to school for her doctorate. Then there is always Joe and being near him is always a plus. I really am going to miss my friends on this side of the state though. I’m definitely going to be visiting.

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Hair Cut

Darkish hair via braids

Naturally my hair is a frizzy poof. Thankfully I can do whatever I want to it. I can curl it, straighten it, wave it, even crimp it, although crimping isn’t something anyone should do. Most days I’m too lazy to do my hair so I just take a shower at night and french braid it so that it’s wavy the next day.

Since I am incredibly lazy about my hair I get bored with it pretty easily. Last June I cut off about six or seven inches. Then six months later I dyed it so dark it was practically black. Now, four months later, I got bored with it yet again and the dye from November still hasn’t washed out completely.  I saw a picture of myself from when it was short and though, “Dang, I looked cute.” I decided to cut my hair chin length again. And lucky for me my mom said she would reimburse me the $15 I paid for it.

My new short hair

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Driving Around in My Automobile

I recently bought a car, er, a mini van. My mom decided to buy a new van for herself so I bought hers off of her. So now I have an automobile and it’s very exciting.

It’s a 2000 Toyota Sienna. Leather seats, one power door, a six disc CD player and radio control on the steering wheel.

Now I just need a job to pay for it. All I have to pay for is gas and insurance. If it needs any maintenance I have an awesome boyfriend that is in the process of getting his certification to be a mechanic. All I would have to do is pay for the parts and he said he’d do the rest.

Yay car!

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