The Ring

I now wear on my finger a beautiful 1 carat, princess cut, Tolkowsky diamond in a custom band.

photo 3

photo 1


photo 2

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Ghosts of Halloweens Past

2009: The year of the baby15741_1278489763098_4059291_n

2010: The Simpsons


2011: X-Men Evolution Storm


2012: The Pirate


2013: Gettin’ Sithy With It



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My Ugly Uggs

Everyone hates Uggs. They’re ugly and girls seem to only wear them with leggings, which are not pants. Then my dad got me a pair. He had a friend that was moving to Arizona; she asked him if I wore the same shoe size as her and I did. So she sold her barely worn Uggs to my dad for $5. Talk about an awesome deal.

At first I didn’t like them. They were ugly and awkward and I was too cool for boots then. I wore my Chuck Taylor’s year round. After having them sit around for a year I finally decided to wear them. Turns out they were rather comfortable and incredibly warm, which is great because my feet are always cold and I hate being cold. They are my everything-but-fashionable winter boots. They’re my snow boots and my lazy, but cold day boots and my slip on to run to the mailbox boots. Since I have had them, 2005ish, I have had to stitch them back up more times than I can count. But those boots are still comfy and warm and still hold together thanks to carpet thread, a small yarn needle, and some fabric glue.


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Things I Hate

  • scary movies
  • shots
  • sun burn
  • being cold
  • ketchup
  • incompetence
  • Will Ferrell
  • job hunting
  • sugar on strawberries
  • waiting
  • vacuuming hard floors rather than carpet
  • the way society expects people, especially women, to look
  • humidity
  • bug bites
  • Tom Cruise
  • insects, or anything with more than four legs
  • yard work in the fall
  • MSUs website
  • paying bills
  • gravy
  • chipped nail polish
  • the hiccups
  • wet public toilet seats
  • twangy country music
  • surprises
  • basement mildew smell

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Things I Love

  • Joe
  • crafting
  • my dogs
  • Mexican food
  • sleeping
  • watching tv
  • good hair days
  • shopping
  • tuna noodle casserole
  • documentaries
  • frozen peppermint patties
  • Star Wars
  • laughing
  • my parents
  • the cleaning feeling when fresh out of the shower
  • a good cheese burger
  • Anne Hathaway
  • vacations
  • warm weather
  • wrapping and unwrapping presents
  • Fallout 3
  • my sister
  • good hair days
  • the first scoop in to a new jar of peanut butter
  • Weezer
  • new clothes
  • reminiscing
  • office supplies, specifically pens and notebooks
  • putting on clothes fresh out of the dryer
  • naps

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A Very Star Wars Halloween

This year I made Joe and I Jedi and Sith costumes for Halloween. I didn’t take pictures as I sewed, but the cloak pattern I used was from this website. I used about four yards of fabric. Save your JoAnn’s coupons for it. Joe’s robe thing was a pretty quick throw together. Just a few strips sewn together, poorly too. I told him if he ever wanted to be a Jedi again I would make him something better.

1391473_939403288192_1619710438_nMy costume included:

  • black faux leather leggings
  • black faux leather boots
  • black tank top
  • black drape-y cardigan
  • black lacy vest
  • black faux leather belt
  • black Jedi robe
  • red lightsaber

1454977_939403387992_2076082180_nJoe’s costume included:

  • brown pants
  • brown and tan robe thingy
  • tan t-shirt
  • brown belt
  • blue lightsaber

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Shoe Addiction

I have a shoe problem. A serious, serious shoe problem.


  1. Black patent – Colin Stuart
  2. Black – Jessica Simpson
  3. Black and nude peep toe – Nine West
  4. Green leather stacked heel – Nine West
  5. Red patent – Rampage
  6. Navy blue – Fioni
  7. Grey – Madden Girl
  8. Black patent wedges – Chinese Laundry
  9. Tan wedges – Dexter

Booties with Heels:

  1. Grey – Fioni
  2. Black wedges – Call It Spring
  3. Black with laces – Clarks
  4. Tan western style – Candies
  5. Tan slip on wedges – Express
  6. Brown super high heel – Nine West


  1. Black – Comfort Plus
  2. Brown – American Eagle
  3. Blue sparkle – Call It Spring
  4. Teal loafers – Nine West
  5. Nude patent toe – Dexflex
  6. Black and grey patent toe – Dexflex
  7. Black wedges – Rocket Dog
  8. Black peep toe – Dexflex
  9. Pewter cut-out – American Eagle
  10. Grey – Gap
  11. Black fluffy – Route 66
  12. Nude pink crochet lace – DSW


  1. Black leather – Nine West
  2. Black furry – Uggs
  3. Floral rain – Sloggers
  4. Tan – Arizona
  5. Grey slouchy – Arizona
  6. Black with small heel – Meijer


  1. Black – Reebok
  2. White and green shocks – Nike
  3. Running – Mizuno
  4. Black track – Converse
  5. Purple high tops – Chuck Taylor
  6. Black lo tops – Chuck Taylor
  7. Pink lo tops – Chuck Taylor
  8. Light blue lo tops – Chuck Taylor
  9. White lo tops – Chuck Taylor
  10. Navy – Keds
  11. White – Keds


  1. Black – Merona
  2. Black gladiators – a.n.a.
  3. Purple – Style & Co
  4. Peach – Forever 21
  5. Silver – Union Bay
  6. Tan ankle strap – American Eagle
  7. Flip flops – Teva
  8. Flip flops – American Eagle
  9. Flip flops – Old Navy
  10. Flip flops – JC Penney

Slip Ons:

  1. Grey – Toms
  2. Black sparkle – Toms
  3. Floral boat shoe – Old Navy
  4. Red and white stripes – Basic Editions
  5. Blue plaid boat shoe – Dexter
  6. Tan mocassins – Minnetonka
  7. Black moccasins – Target
  8. Grey loafer moccasins – Target

That’s a total of 62 pairs of shoes. I definitely have a problem.

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Say Please

Lilo has learned how to say please in the most adorable puppy way possible.

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Six Years

Joe and I are celebrating six years together today. It’s very exciting. I never thought I would find the person I want to be with for the rest of my life so young. Joe makes me the happiest girl in the world.


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Lilo Cricket

My little girl is so cute. In fact, she’s so cute I thought I’d share a few pictures with you.







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Hats Hats Hats

I like knitting and I like making things for myself and others. After finding a great ribbed hat pattern on a different blog I’ve been making quite a few of them. Well two so far, but I’m on my third and this one isn’t even for me. I want mine in blue. I just can’t remember what size needles I used to make the others so I figured my sister could have this one. Then I made it and realized that it won’t even fit her. Thankfully I know a few people with kids.

Here’s my progress:

Here are the other hats I’ve made:

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Who Has the Best French Fries?

Lily and I decided to test all the french fries from fast food restaurants in town and rank them. Lily even made a chart that we could use to rank the fries from 1 to 10 on saltiness, crispiness, sogginess and overall score. Then we added it all up to see who won.

The final rankings are as follows.


  1. Rally’s
  2. McDonald’s
  3. Wendy’s and Arby’s
  4. Burger King


  1. McDonald’s
  2. Wendy’s
  3. Rally’s
  4. Arby’s
  5. Burger King

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Changing (School) Sides

About a year and a half ago I decided to transfer from one university to another. It also happened that the two universities were rivals. I was attending Grand Valley State University and switched over to Saginaw Valley State University. The schools are on opposite sides of the state and practically have the same name.

On the other hand. I’ve been a fan of the University of Michigan my entire life. This is because my mom attended U of M for her bachelors. If you like U of M you hate Michigan State University. I have recently learned that MSU will continue to run their Masters of Social Work program through the SVSU campus so that’s where I’ve been thinking about getting my masters. I guess I just like to switch sides.

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The End of the Semester

Why is the end of the semester always a massive clusterfuck of stress and sleepless nights? Oh yeah. I procrastinated on just about every assignment I had. Why do I do that to myself?

I honestly have no idea.

But I do. The worst part it is that some of these final projects are group projects, which I hate. The bright side is that I’ll have almost a month off in about a month. Woohoo!

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My Next Cell Phone

In March I can get a new phone. We have Verizon and for some reason it’s darn near impossible to find a decent phone that isn’t a smart phone. I’ve checked. All the non smart phones look like the my last phone from two years ago. It’s like they’re forcing people to either choose a smart phone or back peddle a few years. Since I don’t want to set two steps back I’m going to have to take one step forward. I don’t want something with an Android platform. My mom has a Droid and I just don’t like it. So, I have decided to give in to my Apple love. My nest phone will be an iPhone and I am so excited. I also want to get it a crazy awesome Star Wars case.

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Perhaps the End is Not in Sight

Today I learned that there’s a decent chance that I may not be admitted in to the field work next fall. I mentioned in a previous post that I was getting close to graduating, but that dream came crashing down today. When I was accepted in to the Social Work program we mapped out my progress and based on my minor and progress at the time I wasn’t supposed to enter the field until Fall of 2013. I changed my minor and took summer classes because I was under the impression that I could possibly get in the Fall of 2012. Unfortunately, I was mistaken. Now there seems to be a very slim chance that this will happen.

I have already looked up alternatives. In my year of waiting I could take on another minor. Most minors only require 18 credits, which would be easy. I also thought that I could change my Criminal Justice minor into a major. I would only need 21 more credits for that. That still not going full time for those two waiting period semesters. I could definitely make that happen. And that is my more likely scenario.

I guess we’ll see. I’m just sad school will probably take me another year. But only time will show how this ends up turning out. The head of the Social Work department said he’d talk to the board about my situation so we’ll see. Hopefully my good GPA and being almost done with pre-requisites will help. But again, we’ll see.

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Hair ADD

I have a tendency to get bored with my hair fairly easily. It’s been dark, it’s been light, it’s been long and it’s been short. Lately it’s been short, but that’s only because it doesn’t grow. I mean, it grows, but barely. I got my hair cut in June and it’s grown maybe an inch and a half. A normal persons hair grows closer to three inches in that time. And I want long hair. It’s no fair.

The last time it was longer

First time cutting it short

Dyed it dark

Cut it again

Longer and lighter

Dyed blond-ish

Cut short again

If you have any suggestions I’m open to them.

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Things I Shouldn’t Be Thinking About Yet

There are a lot of things that I have been thinking about lately that are currently impossibilities. Joe and I have been together for almost five and half years so there are lots of relationship-y things that I think about.

For example, I would absolutely love if Joe and I could buy a house soon, or even just live together just the two of us. But we are both too broke for that so we both live at home with our mothers. It’s definitely nice that our moms will still let us live at home, especially mine because I moved out for two years then came back home. But we’ve started saving and a house is my money top priority. By the time I graduate I’d like to be able to buy one. And Joe will be done with classes after the Winter semester, all he’ll have left are his internships. It’s a possibility, right? And we know what we want. Two stories, and enough land for him to build a separate garage with an apartment on top.

The other big thing that I think about is getting married. After five and a half years I think I’m allowed to think about that. But again, Joe and I are too broke to make that happen. I’m so excited to get married and be able to call Joe my husband. I have also thought a lot about the wedding itself. Well, not the ceremony, but a lot about the reception. Joe has a huge family so it has to be for a lot of people. I really just want a big party with good food, good booze and good music. I even have a theme, decorations and a dress picked out. I’m a bit ahead of schedule with that since we aren’t even engaged yet, but it’ll happen eventually.

The last thing I think about is having kids, but I mostly think about how I don’t want to have them right away. However, I also think they’re going to be very cute and I’m excited to play with them and all that jazz. Let me make this clear, I do not want kids now or any time soon. Joe and I have decided that we will have a kid by the time he’s thirty and he’s two years older than me. Seems like a good time to me.

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Nerdy Shows

Joe and I have taken a liking to watching more nerdy tv shows together. So far we’ve watched Avatar: The Last Airbender, which is now my favorite cartoon ever (I love Zuko). And Firefly, which Joe was reluctant to watch at first but is now sad that it’s over. Currently we are watching Dragon Ball Z because it’s on Hulu. I’m excited for the episodes with Cell because I remember watching those when I was little.


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Feeling Accomplished

I am currently in my fourth year of college, which, for many people is their last year. This is not the case for me. For my first year and a half I was working towards a Psychology major. I had a sudden epiphany, which I won’t get in to, and changed my major to Social Work. Then after the change of major I decided to change schools as well. I decided to transfer from  Grand Valley to Saginaw Valley, which I talk about in a previous post.

After some set backs with credits transferring and major prerequisites being completed I am finally close to being done. At SVSU the field work for a BSW is a Fall to Winter school year long. After registering for classes for next semester I will have my minor in Criminal Justice finished along with the two Social Work electives and the last major prerequisite that I need. Which means that I can possibly get in to the field work next fall. Unfortunately there are only 80 spots open and far more than 80 students that try to get in each year, but my GPA is up and all of my Social Work professors have liked me.

I’m just happy that I can finally see the finish line. To top it all off, MSU is going to continue to run their advanced track, ten month MSW program through the SVSU campus, which means, if I can get in, that I can get a masters in less than a year without having to move away again.

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The Strangest, Most Inconvenient and Funniest Places My Dog has Decided to Sleep

In a cubby

In a cardboard box

Against a wall

On a suitcase

On the back of the couch

On the dashboard of the car

In the middle of the floor where everyone walks

On a sewing project

On another sewing project

In my lap while I am working on a sewing project

On a chair, on feet, under the kitchen table

In my sweater

On me while I'm sleeping

Under Lily

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Joe and No Shave November

Joe has a tendency to only shave every other four days and his hair gets so prickly so fast. This year I thought, “Hey, maybe he should do ‘No Shave November.’ I’ve been wondering what he looks like with a beard.” He likes the idea of not shaving or having me nag him about shaving so he’s willing to try it. He said he’d give it a week and see if it was bothering him. So his official last shave was October 29th.

Unfortunately we never took a before picture, but I will have an after picture.

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Oddly Timed Pictures of My Sister, Lily

The last one was my mom, but I think it fits in well.

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Oddly Timed Pictures of My Dog, Sneakers

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Lack of Motivation

This semester has been rough. And not because it’s actually been tough. Actually, most of my classes have been pretty easy. I’m just burnt out. I took twelve credits and worked damn near full time throughout the spring and summer semesters. My summer break consisted of three weeks broken up between the beginning and end of the summer.

I blame my lack of motivation to do anything school related on this. I have homework that I save until the last minute all the time. And I would normally do that, but not quite to the degree that I am procrastinating this semester. It’s a special kind of procrastination and it’s leading to some seriously backlogged homework. I honestly think that the only thing that will fix it is for this semester to end so I can get that three week winter break from school.

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My Storm Costume

I seriously love this costume. I plan on saving all of it in case I ever need to dress up like a super hero again. This is definitely the best picture of the whole costume.

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Spanish or Español

I knew when I was little that I wanted to learn a foreign language. It wasn’t until middle school that I was allowed to take a language. I wanted to take French. I ended up taking a semester of German though because French wasn’t available. Then in high school I decided that Spanish was a better idea than French because, well, Spanish is far more common in the United States than French.

My freshman year of high school I had the new teacher. It was his first year teaching Spanish so he wasn’t especially awesome. However, my sister has that same teacher now and she thinks he’s pretty good. Then, for Spanish 2 and 3 I had the same teacher. She was… interesting. Needless to say, I didn’t learn a whole lot in those two years. My senior year I had the greatest teacher. I actually learned in his class. Unfortunately, he retired after my senior year so my sister won’t be lucky enough to have him.

I decided that I wanted to minor in Spanish. I tested out of the first level, out of four, of college level Spanish. I began with Spanish 102. Then I took 201 and 202, but somewhere in there I skipped a semester because I didn’t like the professor and my schedule wouldn’t allow me to get in to a different Spanish class. Fall of 2010 I was going to be able to start taking electives at SVSU but when I got in to my elective class I realized that it was way over my head so I decided to re-take 202, or 212 at SVSU. Then, I decided it was no longer my minor.

Long story short, my Spanish professor doesn’t believe in exams so instead of having a final we went to my favorite Mexican restaurant. He made us order in Spanish, but that wasn’t tough. So this was my last Spanish exam.

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Just for the Record

I just want it on the record, mostly for myself, that it snowed the morning of April 18th in Michigan. This is a picture out of my living room window taken at around 9:30am. It made me wish global warming would kick in a little. On the bright side, it had melted in a few hours.

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Summer: How It Was And How It Will Be

When I was little we would spend weeks at a time at our cottage. I didn’t have a job because I was little and my mom could get a fair amount of time off.

Backstory – My family has had a cottage since way before I, or even my mom, was born. It was my grandpa’s family’s cottage and now the three parts of my family go. It’s on the thumb between Caseville and Port Austin. It’s right on Lake Michigan too. And not the “right on the lake” where you have to walk a few blocks to get to the lake, we walk over our front lawn and down a we’re touching sand.

Since I had my first job, in 2008, I haven’t been going as much. Work makes it tricky to go especially because I like getting hours and therefore money. I always happen to be the youngest wherever I have worked during the summer so I always am the last to be able to get hours off during the summer.

This upcoming summer will be different. Hopefully I will have a job, or two, by then. I am also taking six credits worth of classes during the Spring and Summer semesters. The Spring semester classes are at 7-10pm Monday through Thursday. The Summer classes start at 3:30 and end at 10pm on Mondays and Wednesdays. I won’t have a real summer vacation, but I’m knocking off twelve credits which is a normal semester in less time. Hopefully I can get in to the Social Work program in the Fall of 2012 because of this which would lead me to graduate in May of 2013. That would definitely be awesome.

Anyway, I’m trying to convince my mom to buy an inflatable pool so that I can still swim and relax in some water in the sun on my free time.

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A Dog, Six Birds and Four Fish

Throughout my life I have had a few pets. If you add them all together I’ve had 11 different pets.

The first was Sweetie. He was a parakeet that we had when I still lived in Utah. This was way back before my sister was even born. My dad found him outside of a super market and brought him home. He would play around on my fingers and like to fly on top of a painting we had to poop on the frame. I can’t remember why we got rid of him, but we gave him to someone else that could take care of him.

The rest of the pets came in once we moved in to our house in Saginaw. I won three fish at my elementary school’s fun fair. One of them was eaten right away and I was left with the biggest and the smallest one. The little one died after a month, but the bigger one lasted a year. It died when we went out of town for a week and the neighbors replaced it for me. Then I went out of town again with my dad and it died in my moms care and she didn’t replace it.

Sneakers was our next pet. He’s my fluffy baby boy. We got him in April of 2002 and he’s been sleeping on our couches since. In fact, that’s exactly what he’s doing right now.

Next we bought two more parakeets. One that looked just like Sweetie and a blue one. One was mine and one was my sisters, although I can’t remember which was which. We named them Tiger and Charlie. They were nice birds. One got stuck behind our bookcase at one point, but mom saved him with some climbing rope. Then one day they died. We’re not quite sure what killed them, we think the food, but we came home one day and they were both dead. We decided to put them in a shoe box and buried them in the back yard. We even marked their grave with a big rock.

After Tiger and Charlie died I didn’t want any more birds. Mom did. She went out and bought three finches. My gosh those birds were annoying. They never ever shut up. They were cute, but I didn’t want them and Lily didn’t seem to care either way. I eventually talked my mom in to taking them back to the store. Who would have guessed you can return a bird.

Most recently, in May of last year, Joe and I decided we wanted some fish babies. So we asked Joe’s sister’s boyfriend, a fish aficionado, about what kind of fish is easy to take care of. We decided on the rosy barb. They like to hid behind their log and dance in the corner of the tank.

I’m sure that in the future there will be more pets, but ask of now, there is only Sneakers, Bingo, and Mr. Bubbles and I’m okay with that.

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Ever since I was little I have loved Cheerios. I am now 20 years old and still eat them for breakfast and sometimes other meals during the day. I’ve never really been a huge fan of sugary cereals which is probably why I like Cheerios so much.

For as long as I can remember we have never not had them in the house. There is always at least one box. However, there’s always three or four unopened boxes sitting in our pantry. Even during the two years that I wasn’t leaving at home both of my parents and I always made sure I always had a box.

The best part about Cheerios? Because the flavor is plain they’re good with most fruits.

  • grapes
  • dried cherries
  • banana slices
  • raspberries
  • blueberries
  • strawberries
  • grapefruit on the side

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Star Wars Love

A New Hope is, by far, my favorite movie ever. It’s one of those movies that almost everyone sees as a child and grew up liking. Well, except me. I didn’t see it

All designs were once sold on

until I was 18 and my new found college friends made me watch it. Not that I didn’t want to, I just never got around to it. Well, it was instant love. I have since seen it many more times and now have managed to own four copies of it, but that’s a whole different story.

I am now the proud owner of all six movies, including the original theatrical versions of the original trilogy, five Star Wars shirts, two pairs of Star Wars pajama pants, a Darth Vader movie poster and a Darth Vader plush doll. Many of these were gifts, but I do love me some Star Wars.

Of course, this love of Star Wars made me interested in the animated version, The Clone Wars. I’ve seen the movie and the first season of the show so far. The movie wasn’t all that great but I was surprised by the show. It was better than I expected.

Monday night I decided I wanted to finally get around to watching all six episodes in a row, in a day. I’m laid off and on Spring Break so this week seemed like a good time. So on Tuesday I got up at noon, took a shower and was watching Episode I by 12:30pm. The only time I really paused any of them, besides for bathroom breaks, was during Episode III when Joe came over for dinner and we ate with my mom and sister. He then watched the rest of it with me because it’s his favorite Episode. When I finally got done with all six movies it was darn near 3am. I’d say it was a day well spent. And I did it all while wearing my Admiral Ackbar shirt from Teefury and the Star Wars pajama pants Joe got me for Christmas.

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Snowy Days

Last Tuesday night began The Snowmageddon or Snowpocalypse of 2011. Schools through Michigan were closed on Wednesday and Thursday. My sister’s high school even closed on Friday, even though the roads were fine. Class being cancelled was nice because I don’t have class on Fridays so I got a five day weekend.

We got around 10 inches of snow which caused me to be snowed in at Joe’s for two days. Joe’s street didn’t get plowed until Thursday morning and my car was too low to get out. Fortunately for Joe’s house and my mom one of Joe’s friends had a mini van and a huge snow blower. So Joe and two of his buddies went to a few different houses and snow blowed them out. My mom was so happy that they could make it to her house.

And now it’s snowing again. Snow days are fun every once in a while but I’m not a big fan of snow. I hate driving in snow and being near other people driving in snow. I also don’t like the cold and humid aspect and that my shoes are always wet. But I do have to admit, snow is beautiful. This is a picture that my mom took of a drift next to our house. That drift is just under a foot taller than the bottom of our window, which is easily three feet from the ground.

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Lily and I

For the most part Lily, my sister, and I don’t think we look alike. In fact, only some people do. Well, maybe half and half. Some say we look just like each other and others say we look nothing alike. I can only see it sometimes.

We may not look alike, but we’re practically the same person. We think alike and half of the time when one of us says something the other was thinking it. We even say things at the same time. And of course we both have crazy hair. But really, I think this picture says it all. I found both of these in my Photo Booth and neither of us knew about the other.

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Christmas with Dad

My dad moved out of Saginaw back in the very beginning of January. We didn’t see him again until mid-August and he came in town yesterday for Christmas. We drove around to some stores yesterday so he could get some last minute ideas. I drove and it was a bitch. It was impossible to make a left turn unless there was an arrow.

This morning I had to work from 9am to 3pm then I went home and took a nap until 6pm. Then dad and Joe came over and we opened a few presents and had dinner. I thought it would be a little weird having my dad at dinner especially because my parents have been divorced since 1996ish. It wasn’t too bad though. However there was a bottle of wine consumed, but hey, it worked.

Then after dinner we finished opening presents. I got some nice SmartWool socks and fingerless gloves. I also got three of the four movies I wanted, Dr. Horrible, Serenity and Stardust. Then the usual chapstick and gum and some cash.

Dad also got Sneakers a present. It was a peanut butter flavored mega bone so he looked silly running around with it. I’ve never seen him excited about what was in a box before though. Grandma even put butter on a toy of his and he didn’t react to the box, but he sniffed the crap out of the box this bone was in. He loved it. I think he already ate a third of it.

It was fun and we made quite a mess with the wrapping paper, which is always fun.

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Wedding Season

June was the first wedding that I went to this year. It was one of Joe’s cousins on his mom’s side. I had to work during the ceremony so I only made it to the reception, but it took place at the groom’s mom’s backyard by their pond. From the pictures it looked nice. It was a fun party. Joe even danced with me once.

The next wedding was another one of Joe’s cousins on his mom’s side in August. She even had Joe be a groomsman and he looked good in that tux. I went to the ceremony for that and it was a nice one. Between the ceremony and the reception I got to ride on the party bus with the wedding party because I was a wedding party date and the bride likes me. We stopped at a store so everyone could get their booze then we drove to Dow Gardens for wedding pictures. We ran into another wedding party that had the same color theme as ours. They did a group picture with the two brides looking like they were attacking each other. It was hilarious. The reception had some really good music and a photo booth, which was a fun addition. I have a strip of Joe and I and one with one of Joe’s little cousins and I. Then I drove the bride and groom to their hotel after stopping at Taco Bell.

Then there was the September wedding. This one was one of Joe’s uncle’s on his dad’s side. I missed that ceremony because of work, but my boss is a friend of Joe’s grandpa and went and said it was beautiful. I did make it to the reception in time though. Joe was an usher in this wedding so he was in a tux again. The food was good and every spot had a little box with two chocolate truffles in it with their initials on it. They were delicious. And they did cupcakes for dessert. However, the DJ was not good. He talked too much and at one point stopped the music and started talking to people on the dance floor. We ended up leaving early because Joe was tired and so was I from work. I also don’t have any pictures from this wedding.

The final wedding was this past weekend in Kalamazoo. It was yet another cousin from Joe’s mom’s side. We showed up Friday night around 9:30pm to find out that we had the entire third floor and half of the second floor. Needless to say there was a party. Joe, Mary, Chris and I were tired so we turned in early, but Joe’s mom partied in the hallway with her brothers and sisters until they got kicked out of the hall by the hotel. We set up a lunch buffet in the hallway on Saturday because we could. There were a handful of us that didn’t actually go to the ceremony. It was nice and short though, only 45 minutes. The reception was soon after, probably the earliest one I’ve been to. The food was probably the best of all the weddings. The mac and cheese was amazing. And the fish was good too. The place was decorated with white mini lights and tulle so it looked like snow, which was fitting. Joe even danced with me for more than a few songs. Then when we got back to the hotel after the reception at 10:30pm the grown ups started partying again. After getting kicked out of the first room they moved the party into Joe and my room. So Joe and I ended up sleeping in his mom’s bed down the hall and she slept in ours. There were some funny stories. We headed home after check out on Sunday and I lucked out and slept the entire drive home.

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Black Friday

This Black Friday held a lot of firsts for me. I worked, in retail, although we weren’t too busy. We were busier at our big sale two weeks ago. I went out to dinner and that was slow, even the waiter said it was a slow day. Then after dinner with Joe I picked up Lily and we went to Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart was pretty dead, but it was 9pm. The weirdest thing about Wal-Mart was that the shelves were completely restocked and all the sales were already gone. It was still Friday. I didn’t need to buy anything Christmas related except tissue paper.

However, when I got home I bought Joe a video game and my mom her birthday or Christmas present. Gotta love Amazon.

I’ve never actually gone shopping on Black Friday. I wouldn’t get in line at midnight to go shopping at 4am. Everyone marks up the prices before all the sales anyway so people think they’re getting a fantastic deal when really they’re not.

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First of all, Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, even though it is always ruined by Christmas music. Let me list the things I love about Thanksgiving.

  • pumpkin pie
  • turkey
  • roll eating contest with Uncle Steve
  • pumpkin pie
  • tryptophan/food comas
  • seeing family
  • pumpkin pie

I think that about covers it.

Gobble gobble!


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Thanksgiving Shirts Pt. 2

As I’ve mentioned before, and I’m sure you’ve all read in my other post about it ;), my family is running a 5K at 9am on Thanksgiving morning. The event wasn’t giving out shirts so we decided to make some ourselves. I designed the shirt, mom picked the color and added the line with my grandma’s name. We were going to have our names on the back but that was $4 extra per person so we decided against it. Otherwise, they’re pretty fantastic.

This is the final product front and back:

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“Sneakers, you stink!”

Sneakers hasn’t had a hair cut or a bath in quite a while and with family coming in Wednesday he needed some grooming. Especially because most of our relatives are allergic. When I left this morning he had hair, when I came home he did not. He always looks a little silly after he loses all of his hair.

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Apple Sluts

My mom tends to love everything Apple. So of course when the iPad came out she had to have one. And that’s exactly what she did.

We’ve always been an Apple family. The only thing Microsoft that we own is my xBox. I think once my mom had a palm pilot by Microsoft, but I could be wrong.

Throughout the years we have owned a few Mac desktops including an huge ugly box white one, an iMac G3, an iMac G5 before the camera. Then my mom is on her second MacBook and I’m still on my first. Then of course there’s the iPad, which, by the way, I wrote this post on. I’ve owned three iPods, an iPod mini, an iPod classic (a gift from Joe), and an iPod shuffle. Lily has an iPod nano and mom has a classic. The only thing missing is an iPhone.

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College and the Internet

I’ll admit, before college I hardly had any accounts on any social type of websites. I had a myspace, an email address and an AIM account. College definitely opened my eyes to the internet.

I grew up with this iMac

I got a Facebook account back in August of 2008. I had only heard of it once before my mom got an account, yes, my mom had a Facebook before me. She said that I should get one and I figured it was lame because my mom had one, then she said that it was originally developed for college students, so I figured, “I’m moving to the other side of the state and want to make friends so I should probably do this.” So I did, reluctantly. Now I check Facebook a few times a day and my 14 year old sister has more friends than me.

When I started my freshman year at Grand Valley I decided to join a club in order to meet people. I found this club just for Apple products users called Apples and Oranges. I learned so many short cuts and about so many applications it was just

My MacBook today

ridiculous. I can now find anything on my laptop in three keystrokes. I also learned about Twitter. All of the officers had one and said that we should get one too. After some peer pressure I did. I didn’t like it at first, but now I love it. And when I signed up for Twitter it was back in, I think, September of 2008, so I had one before everyone and their grandmother had one. And yes, my grandmother has one along with my mom, dad and sister. However only my mom uses it and she’s pretty entertaining. Now Twitter has become a useful tool to keep in contact with my Grand Valley friends. It’s also a good source of entertainment with all of the celebrities and comedians on it now.

The internet is a great tool and now I know how to use it. Except now I can’t pull myself away from it. Like right now for example, I need to go get ready to do some volunteering at a local clinic, but instead I’m sitting here writing this. The internet is both good and bad.

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Keeping a Journal

Sometimes I tend to get in my own head too much. I zone out of the real world and think too much in my own. I had tried journals in the past but I always wrote them like I was writing a letter to someone. So this time I decided to try it like free writing and it really ended up helping. I had an extra notebook so I thought, “Why not?” I started a composition notebook back in April and I just finished it the other day.

I kind of took a journal writing hiatus over the summer so there were about three or four months where I only wrote a few times, but I started writing again like a mad woman. Since I never actually took my notebook to class I would write in my school notebooks and rip the pages out and glue them into my composition notebook. The notebook is pretty fat now because glued in pages take up about half of the notebook.

I just started a new one yesterday and I’m thinking about making a cover for it. Not sure what I want to make it out of yet. Maybe some wrapping paper, origami paper or some thin fabric. I’ll test some materials.

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Sons of Anarchy Night

Tuesday’s are Sons night at Joe’s house. Joe was the first to start watching Sons of Anarchy, but he eventually got his mom, sister, Chris and I all hooked. So now on Tuesdays we all meet over at his house to watch the newest episode. Unfortunately his mom doesn’t get out of work until 11pm so the show has just ended, but she normally catches the one that plays just after it. Sometimes Mary and Chris come over early so we can play some video games first. And we always make food. Most of the time it’s Chinese, but sometimes nachos or burgers.

Sons of Anarchy is a fun show about a gun running biker gang. It has a tendency to show things on tv that you don’t think should be on tv, murder, sex, torture, gang rape, shoot outs and more. Katey Sagal plays the mom of the club, Gemma and she’ll kick your ass. Ron Perlman plays Clay who is the leader of the club and Gemma’s husband. The main character is Jax, played by Charlie Hunnam, who is the son of Gemma and step-son of Clay.

Over-all the show has been really good. A few slow episodes here and there, but every show is bound to have those. It’s only a few episodes away from the end of season three. To anyone that likes violence, sex, guns and motorcycles I highly suggest this show.

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Los Cuatro Amigos

Joe and I have been together almost four and a half years now and we don’t have a song. I don’t know if it’s still a thing for a couple to have a song, but we don’t have one. However, we do have a restaurant. We went on our first date to this then new Mexican restaurant called Los Cuatro Amigos. Since then it has moved locations to a larger building and sometimes has a mariachi band play live. Every time we go we tend to get the same few things. We know what we like there.

It’s good, it’s fast, it’s cheap and it’s delicious. And the chips must be laced with crack because they are addicting. I can be full to my capacity and can continue to eat them.

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I talk about Joe a lot, but not many people know much, or anything, about him. Joe is my boyfriend as of June 2006. He’s incredibly tall, 6’6″, and I like it. The top of my head fits right under his chin. He’s got dimples, curly blond hair and a pair of incredibly twinkly blue eyes. I know it sounds a little weird to say they’re twinkly but they really are. His eyes show his emotion and when he’s upset there’s no twinkle.

Joe and I are two years apart in age. Actually, we’re 1 year and 361 days apart. My birthday is four days before his. We started dating way back in 2006. He had just graduated high school and I had just finished my sophomore year. At first the age difference seemed like a lot, but that went away as soon as I graduated.

We’ve learned how to be silly with each other. We are always playing around and messing with each other. It’s like puppy love but 4 1/2 years into it. We still cuddle on the couch but at the same time we can play Halo together for hours. We can still be romantic too. Although, he’s always been the more romantic one.

Joe has a huge family. Huge. My more direct family consists of 12 including myself. He has nine aunts and uncles on both sides of his family. Just his aunts and uncles trump what I have. However, he knows his mom’s side better than his dad’s side and therefore I do too, but still. Nine aunts and uncles. That’s 18 aunts and uncles and most of them are married and have kids. That’s a lot of cousins. I only have four cousins on my mom’s side and only two that I’ve met on my dad’s side. I love the huge family dynamic though. The family parties are always so much fun and there is always cards and gambling. The craziest part is, all of the men on his mom’s side are just as big as he is. There’s not a single guy that’s older than 18 that is under six feet tall. However, Joe is on the tall end, being the second tallest.

We can be silly, we can be serious, we can be whatever the other needs. He’s like a calming agent for me. Whenever I get upset I need 10 minutes of Joe time and I feel better. He’s also his own heater and since I don’t produce a ton of body heat on my own it’s incredibly nice. And he is always willing to warm up my cold fingers and toes. Joe is also the father of our fish babies, Mr. Bubbles and Bingo.

Over time I have accumulated a lot of pictures of the two of us in nice clothes for dances, and more recently, weddings. I’m noticing this now, but I tend to stand on his right side when we’re dressed up. Weird. Anyway, I would like to share the pictures of when we look our best.

Homecoming 2006

Homecoming 2007

Prom 2008

Wedding August 2010

Joe is my boy and I love him and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Sneakers is my silly dog. He is quite the character. He’s part bichon frise, part shih tzu and a tiny bit yorkshire terrier. Fortunately he got the cute end of all of them. His full name is Sneakers Chester Keener-Clark. He’s going to be nine years old on December 16th. We got him way back when I was in middle school. I was starting to walk home from school and stay home the hour or two before my mom came home from work. She wanted someone to be there so why not a companion/watch dog? Besides, I had wanted a dog for a while, especially since I knew a horse was out of the question.

Sneakers has a big crush on Joe’s dog, Princess, but is afraid of Joe’s sisters dog, Gizzard. The funniest part of it is that Gizzy is smaller than him. Of course Sneakers isn’t that big. He’s not very tall, but he’s oddly long. He has quite a long back, which has caused him some problems, but those can be solved by time and a baby aspirin hidden in a piece of cheese.

Sneakers goes by a lot of different names in this house.

  • Sneaky
  • Baby Boy
  • Mr. Twister
  • Stinky
  • Sneaky Peepers
  • Bob (but only for Lily)
  • Sneaky Boy

There are more, but I think you get the point.

Sneakers is our baby. He sleeps in bed with me every night. Sometimes he even curls up next to me. He’s also the king of lap dogs. If he can be on your or next to you he will. And even if you don’t want him there, he’s too cute to kick away. He’s got his favorite toy, which is a carrot with a squeaker in it and he loves to lick out the bathtub after I get out of the shower. He licks the water off of my ankles then stares at me until I put him in the tub, then he hops out when he’s done. He also has a tendency to burp while he’s begging for whatever is on the table. He acts like nothing happened too and it’s always funny. He’s a silly dog, but he’s our silly dog.

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Scaredy Cat

I’m a total wuss. I don’t like scary movies in any way shape or form, or television shows for that matter. I don’t know why I’m like this but I just am. I especially don’t like scary things with no music where stuff just pops out of nowhere. Then my fanciful mind thinks that there’s a creepy guy with a blow torch and a chain hiding behind the door in the basement. So of course I run up the stairs as fast as I possibly can when I turn the lights out in the basement.

Now I know nothing could be there without my dog noticing because he barks at everything and anything. And he lays on the top step whenever I’m in the basement. But still, I’m not a fan of being in the dark. Especially when my mom is on call. For some reason I just feel safer with her home. She’s also an incredibly light sleeper so she hears everything. Having Joe near by helps too, because he’d come over if I was scared. In fact, he has before and he laid with me until I fell asleep and locked up when he left.

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This week is Battle of the Valleys as both Saginaw Valley and Grand Valley. I’m torn, because I attended Grand Valley for my first two years of college but I am now in my first semester at Saginaw Valley. I know I’m supposed to root for my school, but they are both my school. However, I already have an idea who will win the football game and I don’t think they will be in red.

However, the football game isn’t the only competition. There is also the money raising competition and for the past few days there have been SVSU students in bright yellow vests at the busiest intersection in town walking between cars when they are stopped in order to get donations. It seems to be working. More than half the cars throw in their change. I keep the little change I have though. So I’m not exactly supporting my school. Oh well, we’ll see what happens. The winner is announced Saturday.

This will be the first year that I won’t be going to the game. I attended it both my freshman and sophomore years, but since the SVSU football stadium doesn’t have flood lights the game has to start early in the day, noon, and I will be working until 5pm. So this game will be missed. It would be too cold for it anyway.

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There are some people out there that don’t eat breakfast and I just don’t get it. Breakfast food is some of the most delicious food. And it’s the meal that you can eat any time of the day. Who eats a sandwich for breakfast? But pancakes can also be dinner.

For the most part I just eat cereal for breakfast. I love Cheerios, but only the plain kind. Kix and Special K are pretty good too. And who doesn’t like Cinnamon Toast Crunch? Sometimes we have dried cherries and those join the plain cereal in my bowl.

Sometimes when I stay at Joe’s house and we don’t have anything to do in the morning he makes bacon and eggs. He is the best egg maker that I know. They’re always delicious. It hasn’t happened in a while, but sometimes at my house my mom will make pancakes for breakfast. And she makes them from scratch, not a mix. We did have pancakes and bacon for dinner not too long ago. However it really doesn’t happen much anymore because Lily only ever eats a few, I don’t eat them leftover and mom can’t eat them at all because of her gluten allergy. That makes me sad too because breakfast is my favorite.

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