Wedding Weight Loss

imagesNow that I’m engaged and will be getting married in a few years I need to lose some weight. While I’m still in grad school and short on time I plan on simply starting with improving my diet. In fact, I’ve already started. I’ve resisted fast food a few times already and I’m not eating past 8pm except on Monday’s when I’m in class until 7:30pm. So far I’ve already lost 4lbs. Woo!

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Post Proposal Balloons

Joe proposed using balloons on the ceiling with pictures of us on the end. They were helium, but couldn’t hold the weight of the pictures and remain on the ceiling. To solve that he taped them to the ceiling. It was perfect.

At about 4:30am that next morning I hear a ‘tht’ followed two seconds later by a ‘ffffth.’ I finally figured out what it was when a balloon fell on me while I was try to fall back asleep. I don’t know what it was about 4:30am that morning, but about a third of the balloons came down in a 20 minute time span. And they left the tape on the ceiling. Anyway, this is what our room looked like the next morning.


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Centerpiece Testing

My pinsperation for centerpieces was glittery jars. And no, not mason jars. I’m over that. Just plain, old, cylinder vases. So I tested a few glitterification methods.

Martha Stewart glitter paint is a no go. I had to do about six layers with varying techniques before I got it halfway as translucent as I wanted it.


Glitter and Modpodge looks great. It looks really fantastic and textured actually. However, it gets fucking EVERYWHERE. So that’s out. But it does look good.


But there is a winner. Krylon Glitter Blast spray paint. It’s the most even, the most efficient, and the easiest to do. And the best part is that it is sold at Sears and Joe gets a discount there. Hurrah!


And ignore the bottom of the glitter and ends of the spray paint. Underneath is the Martha Stewart glitter paint mishap. I just didn’t want to buy more vases to test ideas. This has also helped me decide that I’m just going to paint the whole vase. Originally I was planning on taping off parts of it for a different effect, but not. The whole thing. Much easier that way.

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The Ring

I now wear on my finger a beautiful 1 carat, princess cut, Tolkowsky diamond in a custom band.

photo 3

photo 1


photo 2

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Tie Dye Sneakers

I found a pair of white Keds a while back for $8 at a consignment shop. I saw a post on Pinterest where someone took a similar pair of shoes and ombre glittered them. I thought, how cool! I can do that. Instead, I decided to ombre dye them. They didn’t quite turn out like I had imagined, but if I decide I don’t like them in the future I can just do the glitter thing.

What you’ll need:

  • white sneakers
  • dye (mine was a single color kit from Walmart for about $6)
  • water
  • a few days

The first step is to take out the laces.


My dye came in a squirt bottle. Follow the instructions then start squirting. Initially, it didn’t want to take so you’ll have to use a lot.

Use about half to two thirds of the bottle on the first section, then refill with more water and keep going.


Repeat the last step until you get the result you want. I’m not sure where the blue line came from, but it’s pretty neat looking.

Let them dry. I then followed the instructions from the tie dye kit for t-shirts and soaked the shoes in hot water with a tiny bit of detergent. I then rinsed them with cold water and put them in the garage to dry. It was really hot that week so I figured they would dry super fast, but it turned out to be really humid. After they dry, put the laces back in and wear.

I still haven’t decided if I like them or not. I may re-dye them entirely or glitter ombre them.

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Origami Broach

My grandma loves the origami that I can fold. When I first got in to origami she would even pay me for folded flowers. For her birthday I decided to make her some origami pins because she has always been a broach fan.

You’ll need:

  • pretty origami paper
  • ModPodge
  • pin backs
  • hot glue

Start by folding your origami to a flat or slightly 3D design. I chose cranes.


Glue your pin on to the back and let dry.


I then coated them in ModPodge to give them a little shine and a little more durability.


Here’s the final product in action. My grandma didn’t know which end was up, but loved it anyway. I’m going to label the back of the birds for her so she’ll know for the future.


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Ghosts of Halloweens Past

2009: The year of the baby15741_1278489763098_4059291_n

2010: The Simpsons


2011: X-Men Evolution Storm


2012: The Pirate


2013: Gettin’ Sithy With It



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I’m Engaged!

Last night, after almost seven and a half years, Joe proposed!

He really wanted to go out on a date so I did my hair at my mom’s then came back home to his house to change and do my make up. We went to Outback and then a local arcade, Bonkers, where I kicked his butt in skee ball. When we got home I opened the front door and there were rose petals going up the stairs.


The petals went right to our bedroom. When I opened the door there were balloons all over and at the end of each ribbon was a picture of us from some point in our relationship.


On the wall in glow in the dark paint were the words ‘marry me?’


At this point I’m laugh/crying. So I turn around and Joe starts to give his speech and he gets down on one knee and held up this ring.

photo 1

Of course I said yes. How could I not?


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My Ugly Uggs

Everyone hates Uggs. They’re ugly and girls seem to only wear them with leggings, which are not pants. Then my dad got me a pair. He had a friend that was moving to Arizona; she asked him if I wore the same shoe size as her and I did. So she sold her barely worn Uggs to my dad for $5. Talk about an awesome deal.

At first I didn’t like them. They were ugly and awkward and I was too cool for boots then. I wore my Chuck Taylor’s year round. After having them sit around for a year I finally decided to wear them. Turns out they were rather comfortable and incredibly warm, which is great because my feet are always cold and I hate being cold. They are my everything-but-fashionable winter boots. They’re my snow boots and my lazy, but cold day boots and my slip on to run to the mailbox boots. Since I have had them, 2005ish, I have had to stitch them back up more times than I can count. But those boots are still comfy and warm and still hold together thanks to carpet thread, a small yarn needle, and some fabric glue.


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First Garage Sign

I’ve been feeling crafty lately and had been wanting to make Joe some sort of man cave garage sign. The only issue was that I never knew what it should say. After watching a marathon of Fast ‘N Loud with Joe I settled on “Blood, Sweat and Beers,” which was something one of the characters said. After an extensive trip to Hobby Lobby with a friend I got the supplies needed.

You’ll need:

  • a piece of wood
  • a wood burner
  • wood stain
  • sand paper
  • an old rag
  • a sponge brush
  • hot glue/krazy glue
  • wall fastener
  • a few days for dry time

First you start out by stenciling on your letters. I had to erase and start over a few times before I got it even, so measuring might not be an awful idea.


Next you break out the wood burner. This was my first time using one, but I think I did a decent job. Choose the tip that works best for lettering. You don’t want the skinniest one unless you don’t plan on filling in the letters. I used a roundish tip.


Next you’ll wan to sand and stain. You don’t necessarily have to stain it, but I didn’t like the color of the wood. Sand any rough edges before staining. You could also sand before you start stenciling, but I didn’t think of that until now. Be sure that you thoroughly stir the stain. When applying and wiping off the excess always always always go with the grain.


When that’s done drying, preferably over night, you can add more coats of stain or move on the a clear coat. I decided to use some exterior use ModPodge because I already had some. Paint it on evenly, you can do more than one coat if you like.

The last step is to add some sort of wall mount fastener. I don’t like the screw in kind, or the ones you can see on top so I wet with a back mount. The wood is light so I just krazy glued it on and voilà. And now you have your very own home made garage sign.


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Things I Hate

  • scary movies
  • shots
  • sun burn
  • being cold
  • ketchup
  • incompetence
  • Will Ferrell
  • job hunting
  • sugar on strawberries
  • waiting
  • vacuuming hard floors rather than carpet
  • the way society expects people, especially women, to look
  • humidity
  • bug bites
  • Tom Cruise
  • insects, or anything with more than four legs
  • yard work in the fall
  • MSUs website
  • paying bills
  • gravy
  • chipped nail polish
  • the hiccups
  • wet public toilet seats
  • twangy country music
  • surprises
  • basement mildew smell

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Things I Love

  • Joe
  • crafting
  • my dogs
  • Mexican food
  • sleeping
  • watching tv
  • good hair days
  • shopping
  • tuna noodle casserole
  • documentaries
  • frozen peppermint patties
  • Star Wars
  • laughing
  • my parents
  • the cleaning feeling when fresh out of the shower
  • a good cheese burger
  • Anne Hathaway
  • vacations
  • warm weather
  • wrapping and unwrapping presents
  • Fallout 3
  • my sister
  • good hair days
  • the first scoop in to a new jar of peanut butter
  • Weezer
  • new clothes
  • reminiscing
  • office supplies, specifically pens and notebooks
  • putting on clothes fresh out of the dryer
  • naps

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A Very Star Wars Halloween

This year I made Joe and I Jedi and Sith costumes for Halloween. I didn’t take pictures as I sewed, but the cloak pattern I used was from this website. I used about four yards of fabric. Save your JoAnn’s coupons for it. Joe’s robe thing was a pretty quick throw together. Just a few strips sewn together, poorly too. I told him if he ever wanted to be a Jedi again I would make him something better.

1391473_939403288192_1619710438_nMy costume included:

  • black faux leather leggings
  • black faux leather boots
  • black tank top
  • black drape-y cardigan
  • black lacy vest
  • black faux leather belt
  • black Jedi robe
  • red lightsaber

1454977_939403387992_2076082180_nJoe’s costume included:

  • brown pants
  • brown and tan robe thingy
  • tan t-shirt
  • brown belt
  • blue lightsaber

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Shoe Addiction

I have a shoe problem. A serious, serious shoe problem.


  1. Black patent – Colin Stuart
  2. Black – Jessica Simpson
  3. Black and nude peep toe – Nine West
  4. Green leather stacked heel – Nine West
  5. Red patent – Rampage
  6. Navy blue – Fioni
  7. Grey – Madden Girl
  8. Black patent wedges – Chinese Laundry
  9. Tan wedges – Dexter

Booties with Heels:

  1. Grey – Fioni
  2. Black wedges – Call It Spring
  3. Black with laces – Clarks
  4. Tan western style – Candies
  5. Tan slip on wedges – Express
  6. Brown super high heel – Nine West


  1. Black – Comfort Plus
  2. Brown – American Eagle
  3. Blue sparkle – Call It Spring
  4. Teal loafers – Nine West
  5. Nude patent toe – Dexflex
  6. Black and grey patent toe – Dexflex
  7. Black wedges – Rocket Dog
  8. Black peep toe – Dexflex
  9. Pewter cut-out – American Eagle
  10. Grey – Gap
  11. Black fluffy – Route 66
  12. Nude pink crochet lace – DSW


  1. Black leather – Nine West
  2. Black furry – Uggs
  3. Floral rain – Sloggers
  4. Tan – Arizona
  5. Grey slouchy – Arizona
  6. Black with small heel – Meijer


  1. Black – Reebok
  2. White and green shocks – Nike
  3. Running – Mizuno
  4. Black track – Converse
  5. Purple high tops – Chuck Taylor
  6. Black lo tops – Chuck Taylor
  7. Pink lo tops – Chuck Taylor
  8. Light blue lo tops – Chuck Taylor
  9. White lo tops – Chuck Taylor
  10. Navy – Keds
  11. White – Keds


  1. Black – Merona
  2. Black gladiators – a.n.a.
  3. Purple – Style & Co
  4. Peach – Forever 21
  5. Silver – Union Bay
  6. Tan ankle strap – American Eagle
  7. Flip flops – Teva
  8. Flip flops – American Eagle
  9. Flip flops – Old Navy
  10. Flip flops – JC Penney

Slip Ons:

  1. Grey – Toms
  2. Black sparkle – Toms
  3. Floral boat shoe – Old Navy
  4. Red and white stripes – Basic Editions
  5. Blue plaid boat shoe – Dexter
  6. Tan mocassins – Minnetonka
  7. Black moccasins – Target
  8. Grey loafer moccasins – Target

That’s a total of 62 pairs of shoes. I definitely have a problem.

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