Movie a Day May

I have decided that since I only work a few hours a day and will not be taking classes this summer that I wanted to watch some movies that I haven’t already seen. Because of this want to see more movies I made up ‘Movie May.’
My end goal is to watch a movie I haven’t already seen every day in the month of May. We have Netflix, a handful of movies that we own and a few movies saved on my computer so it shouldn’t be tough finding something I haven’t seen.
This challenge includes new releases and old releases as long as I haven’t already seen it. Those are pretty much the only requirements. One previously unseen movie per day for the entire month of May. 31 movies in 31 days. I can totally handle that.

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My New Puppy

A few months ago Joe and I learned that his cousin’s dog was pregnant. I was lucky enough to go over to her house the day the puppies were born and immediately fell in love with the black one. We talked it over and looked through our finances and decided that we wanted to bring her home.

Her name is Lilo Cricket, because she is so bouncy. Joe picked Lilo and it fits well. She has a white stripe on her chest and belly and has some brown spots behind her ears that Joe’s mom thinks look almost like bows. She is a poo-shi-pom. Half poodle, quarter shih tzu, quarter pomeranian.

She likes to bite, but she’s still teething. She’s been very good about potty training and is learning to let us know if she has to go. She likes to chew on drawstrings, small bones and my chapsticks. She also loves to run around and wrestle with Joe’s sister’s pomeranian.

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