Hats Hats Hats

I like knitting and I like making things for myself and others. After finding a great ribbed hat pattern on a different blog I’ve been making quite a few of them. Well two so far, but I’m on my third and this one isn’t even for me. I want mine in blue. I just can’t remember what size needles I used to make the others so I figured my sister could have this one. Then I made it and realized that it won’t even fit her. Thankfully I know a few people with kids.

Here’s my progress:

Here are the other hats I’ve made:


December 28, 2011. Tags: , , , , , . Just Talking, Projects.

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  1. Danielle replied:

    aren’t hats great to make? I always feel so accomplished when I’m done with one! there are TONS of patterns on ravelry.com. If you don’t know that site, you should definitely check it out! It’s free to join and you can keep track of patterns, projects, yarn, needles…just about anything you want!
    my name will link to one of my blogs, but I have a separate knitting blog on here as well: nellsknitting.wordpress.com. Happy knitting 🙂

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