Making Storm’s Costume

Every year Joe’s sister throws a big Halloween party. We spend a week cleaning and decorating the house. We plan a menu and figure out which alcohol to buy. This year we decided to have a superhero/super villain theme. For a very long time I was dead set on being Wonder Woman. Then I remembered that Halloween is practically in November, which means it will be very cold. Wonder Woman doesn’t exactly wear a lot of clothes and I get cold easily. Then one day I was watching X-Men Evolution and I thought, “Hey! Storm is pretty badass and I enjoy her costume. And I could stay warm in that.” And that’s when I decided to be Storm.

Storm wears a huge, floor length cape that is black on the outside and white on the inside. I decided that I wanted to make that. I went to JoAnn’s about bought three yards of black and white material. After taping it to my living room floor and using chalk and yarn to draw a circular line I cut it and sewed the pieces together. She has the X-Men X as a button that holds her cape together. Which I made from a really big black button and some red paint.

The white wig was purchased, however I have to wear it a little cockeyed because the center part just doesn’t work. I also purchased the boots and gloves. They aren’t saggy like Storm’s. Also, my boots are grey because it’s almost impossible to find reasonably priced white ankle boots with heels. I do have some backup boots though, but I already owned those and they’re also grey. The leggings were also purchased and unaltered.

The last thing I bought was a black turtle neck from Kmart and a cheap yellow shirt from a thrift store. After cutting part of the sleeves off of the turtleneck I also cut off the sleeves from the yellow shirt. I then used the yellow sleeves to sew on to the edges of the turtleneck. Then I used some of the excess yellow to make the yellow belt that goes around Storm’s waist.

Here’s the final product.


October 27, 2011. Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , . Projects.

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