Joe’s Beer Utility Belt

Joe is not quite as big in to costumes as I am so he didn’t want anything too intense or difficult so we decided on Batman. I found a Batman logo shirt at JCPenney and a cheap Batman mask from the Halloween store. Then I already owned a black cape that he can wear. However he still needed a utility belt. I wanted to make something I knew he would wear throughout the evening. Joe had a black belt and a few black beer koozies. I went out and bought a clip flashlight and attached the koozies and the light to the belt and bam! Utility belt.

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How to Make a Sweet Background for Posing Super Heroes

Spray paint, poster board, painters tape. Lots and lots of painters tape.

1. Tape some poster board together.

2. Place tape, and paper, where you don't want paint.

3. Spray paint the uncovered areas.

4. Peel the tape and voila!

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Making Storm’s Costume

Every year Joe’s sister throws a big Halloween party. We spend a week cleaning and decorating the house. We plan a menu and figure out which alcohol to buy. This year we decided to have a superhero/super villain theme. For a very long time I was dead set on being Wonder Woman. Then I remembered that Halloween is practically in November, which means it will be very cold. Wonder Woman doesn’t exactly wear a lot of clothes and I get cold easily. Then one day I was watching X-Men Evolution and I thought, “Hey! Storm is pretty badass and I enjoy her costume. And I could stay warm in that.” And that’s when I decided to be Storm.

Storm wears a huge, floor length cape that is black on the outside and white on the inside. I decided that I wanted to make that. I went to JoAnn’s about bought three yards of black and white material. After taping it to my living room floor and using chalk and yarn to draw a circular line I cut it and sewed the pieces together. She has the X-Men X as a button that holds her cape together. Which I made from a really big black button and some red paint.

The white wig was purchased, however I have to wear it a little cockeyed because the center part just doesn’t work. I also purchased the boots and gloves. They aren’t saggy like Storm’s. Also, my boots are grey because it’s almost impossible to find reasonably priced white ankle boots with heels. I do have some backup boots though, but I already owned those and they’re also grey. The leggings were also purchased and unaltered.

The last thing I bought was a black turtle neck from Kmart and a cheap yellow shirt from a thrift store. After cutting part of the sleeves off of the turtleneck I also cut off the sleeves from the yellow shirt. I then used the yellow sleeves to sew on to the edges of the turtleneck. Then I used some of the excess yellow to make the yellow belt that goes around Storm’s waist.

Here’s the final product.

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Snake Wreath

Halloween is coming! This year I thought I would make a new decoration. I get Martha Stewart’s craft of the day emails. Since Halloween is drawing near most of her emails have been Halloween-y. One day I received one with an idea of taking a Fall wreath and adding snakes to it then painting it black. She called it the wriggling snake wreath, but mine doesn’t wriggle so much. But I like it and here’s how I did it.

First, I bought a small Fall wreath, some jewelry/beading wire, black spray paint and five toy snakes.

Second, I took all the goofy flowers off of the wreath. Then I weaved the snakes around the wreath until I liked where they were. Then I snipped some pieces of wire and twisted the wire around the wreath to make the snakes stay in place.

Finally, I spray painted until everything was black.

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