Spanish or Español

I knew when I was little that I wanted to learn a foreign language. It wasn’t until middle school that I was allowed to take a language. I wanted to take French. I ended up taking a semester of German though because French wasn’t available. Then in high school I decided that Spanish was a better idea than French because, well, Spanish is far more common in the United States than French.

My freshman year of high school I had the new teacher. It was his first year teaching Spanish so he wasn’t especially awesome. However, my sister has that same teacher now and she thinks he’s pretty good. Then, for Spanish 2 and 3 I had the same teacher. She was… interesting. Needless to say, I didn’t learn a whole lot in those two years. My senior year I had the greatest teacher. I actually learned in his class. Unfortunately, he retired after my senior year so my sister won’t be lucky enough to have him.

I decided that I wanted to minor in Spanish. I tested out of the first level, out of four, of college level Spanish. I began with Spanish 102. Then I took 201 and 202, but somewhere in there I skipped a semester because I didn’t like the professor and my schedule wouldn’t allow me to get in to a different Spanish class. Fall of 2010 I was going to be able to start taking electives at SVSU but when I got in to my elective class I realized that it was way over my head so I decided to re-take 202, or 212 at SVSU. Then, I decided it was no longer my minor.

Long story short, my Spanish professor doesn’t believe in exams so instead of having a final we went to my favorite Mexican restaurant. He made us order in Spanish, but that wasn’t tough. So this was my last Spanish exam.


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