Star Wars Love

A New Hope is, by far, my favorite movie ever. It’s one of those movies that almost everyone sees as a child and grew up liking. Well, except me. I didn’t see it

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until I was 18 and my new found college friends made me watch it. Not that I didn’t want to, I just never got around to it. Well, it was instant love. I have since seen it many more times and now have managed to own four copies of it, but that’s a whole different story.

I am now the proud owner of all six movies, including the original theatrical versions of the original trilogy, five Star Wars shirts, two pairs of Star Wars pajama pants, a Darth Vader movie poster and a Darth Vader plush doll. Many of these were gifts, but I do love me some Star Wars.

Of course, this love of Star Wars made me interested in the animated version, The Clone Wars. I’ve seen the movie and the first season of the show so far. The movie wasn’t all that great but I was surprised by the show. It was better than I expected.

Monday night I decided I wanted to finally get around to watching all six episodes in a row, in a day. I’m laid off and on Spring Break so this week seemed like a good time. So on Tuesday I got up at noon, took a shower and was watching Episode I by 12:30pm. The only time I really paused any of them, besides for bathroom breaks, was during Episode III when Joe came over for dinner and we ate with my mom and sister. He then watched the rest of it with me because it’s his favorite Episode. When I finally got done with all six movies it was darn near 3am. I’d say it was a day well spent. And I did it all while wearing my Admiral Ackbar shirt from Teefury and the Star Wars pajama pants Joe got me for Christmas.


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