Slippers, Socks or Booties

I go through phases of what I like to do with my spare time. Recently I got back in to knitting. However, I didn’t feel like working on any of the projects I had started in my last knitting binge, like my own blanket. So I googled some patterns for slippers because I had always wanted to make some. I found a nice and easy pattern. I can do some intermediate stuff, but I didn’t want to do anything too complicated so this recipe was perfect.

I first made a pair for myself then Joe’s sister, Mary, saw them and wanted a pair. So I made her a pair. And I’m working on a pair for my sister too. I even ran my blue pair through the washer and dryer already and because they’re cotton they came out fine. They may be some simple socks or slippers or booties, but they’re nice and comfy.

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A Dog, Six Birds and Four Fish

Throughout my life I have had a few pets. If you add them all together I’ve had 11 different pets.

The first was Sweetie. He was a parakeet that we had when I still lived in Utah. This was way back before my sister was even born. My dad found him outside of a super market and brought him home. He would play around on my fingers and like to fly on top of a painting we had to poop on the frame. I can’t remember why we got rid of him, but we gave him to someone else that could take care of him.

The rest of the pets came in once we moved in to our house in Saginaw. I won three fish at my elementary school’s fun fair. One of them was eaten right away and I was left with the biggest and the smallest one. The little one died after a month, but the bigger one lasted a year. It died when we went out of town for a week and the neighbors replaced it for me. Then I went out of town again with my dad and it died in my moms care and she didn’t replace it.

Sneakers was our next pet. He’s my fluffy baby boy. We got him in April of 2002 and he’s been sleeping on our couches since. In fact, that’s exactly what he’s doing right now.

Next we bought two more parakeets. One that looked just like Sweetie and a blue one. One was mine and one was my sisters, although I can’t remember which was which. We named them Tiger and Charlie. They were nice birds. One got stuck behind our bookcase at one point, but mom saved him with some climbing rope. Then one day they died. We’re not quite sure what killed them, we think the food, but we came home one day and they were both dead. We decided to put them in a shoe box and buried them in the back yard. We even marked their grave with a big rock.

After Tiger and Charlie died I didn’t want any more birds. Mom did. She went out and bought three finches. My gosh those birds were annoying. They never ever shut up. They were cute, but I didn’t want them and Lily didn’t seem to care either way. I eventually talked my mom in to taking them back to the store. Who would have guessed you can return a bird.

Most recently, in May of last year, Joe and I decided we wanted some fish babies. So we asked Joe’s sister’s boyfriend, a fish aficionado, about what kind of fish is easy to take care of. We decided on the rosy barb. They like to hid behind their log and dance in the corner of the tank.

I’m sure that in the future there will be more pets, but ask of now, there is only Sneakers, Bingo, and Mr. Bubbles and I’m okay with that.

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Ever since I was little I have loved Cheerios. I am now 20 years old and still eat them for breakfast and sometimes other meals during the day. I’ve never really been a huge fan of sugary cereals which is probably why I like Cheerios so much.

For as long as I can remember we have never not had them in the house. There is always at least one box. However, there’s always three or four unopened boxes sitting in our pantry. Even during the two years that I wasn’t leaving at home both of my parents and I always made sure I always had a box.

The best part about Cheerios? Because the flavor is plain they’re good with most fruits.

  • grapes
  • dried cherries
  • banana slices
  • raspberries
  • blueberries
  • strawberries
  • grapefruit on the side

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How to Keep a Puppy Warm

We’ve always had to make sure Sneakers was groomed because my mom is allergic to him. He got incredibly furry because we were afraid to take him anywhere to have him groomed after the paralysis incident. A few days ago mom finally took him somewhere to get a hair cut. He came back completely buzz cut with the only hair on him being a poof on the bottom half of his tail. His hair was so short that he looked pink from being able to see his skin.

This morning I had a message from my mom saying Sneakers had been shivering. When I went to let him outside he wouldn’t go. He just stood in front of the door wanting to be let inside. So I thought, “I put on a sweatshirt when I’m cold, why can’t Sneakers?” I have a bunch of scrap yearn and a lot that tends to match. I googled dog sweater patterns and couldn’t find any that I liked so I decided to wing it. It’s worked for me and various crafts in the past (like my Marge Halloween dress). So I went for it. I made the collar so it could just slide over his neck. The back cover was one big piece. Because I’m not skilled enough to make arm holes for a one piece sweater so I made a wide strap for his chest and to keep the back piece in place.

That strap gave me some trouble. I ended up having to make two. The first one was far too long. I could have made it work, but it would have covered most of the green stripe. Mom felt those stripes were too pretty to cover up. I thought so too so I started again. I made a shorter one that tapered off on one side. I even made my very first knit button hole. That took a few tries too. Button holes are a pain in the butt, just in case you were wondering. When I finally found the box of buttons after tearing through the basement and every closet in the house my mom helped me pick out one that we thought matched.

Once the sweater was done he was very comfortable in it. He begged for food from me and has been sleeping in it since. Overall I think he’s a very happy boy about it.

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Star Wars Love

A New Hope is, by far, my favorite movie ever. It’s one of those movies that almost everyone sees as a child and grew up liking. Well, except me. I didn’t see it

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until I was 18 and my new found college friends made me watch it. Not that I didn’t want to, I just never got around to it. Well, it was instant love. I have since seen it many more times and now have managed to own four copies of it, but that’s a whole different story.

I am now the proud owner of all six movies, including the original theatrical versions of the original trilogy, five Star Wars shirts, two pairs of Star Wars pajama pants, a Darth Vader movie poster and a Darth Vader plush doll. Many of these were gifts, but I do love me some Star Wars.

Of course, this love of Star Wars made me interested in the animated version, The Clone Wars. I’ve seen the movie and the first season of the show so far. The movie wasn’t all that great but I was surprised by the show. It was better than I expected.

Monday night I decided I wanted to finally get around to watching all six episodes in a row, in a day. I’m laid off and on Spring Break so this week seemed like a good time. So on Tuesday I got up at noon, took a shower and was watching Episode I by 12:30pm. The only time I really paused any of them, besides for bathroom breaks, was during Episode III when Joe came over for dinner and we ate with my mom and sister. He then watched the rest of it with me because it’s his favorite Episode. When I finally got done with all six movies it was darn near 3am. I’d say it was a day well spent. And I did it all while wearing my Admiral Ackbar shirt from Teefury and the Star Wars pajama pants Joe got me for Christmas.

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