Lily and I

For the most part Lily, my sister, and I don’t think we look alike. In fact, only some people do. Well, maybe half and half. Some say we look just like each other and others say we look nothing alike. I can only see it sometimes.

We may not look alike, but we’re practically the same person. We think alike and half of the time when one of us says something the other was thinking it. We even say things at the same time. And of course we both have crazy hair. But really, I think this picture says it all. I found both of these in my Photo Booth and neither of us knew about the other.

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That’s It

I’ve had enough of myself. Everyone gains holiday weight, apparently mine is still coming. So I’ve made a goal to myself: stop eating the shit food and start getting some exercise.

So, I’m going to start eating healthier and snacking less. Also I’m done with soda and I’m going to try to drink more water.

I also have to start exercising. I’ll try to do something every day and I will park at the end of the parking lot just so I have to walk that little bit further. I’ll also stop being lazy and actually get up and get whatever it was that I was asking someone else  to get for me.

And I will eventually prove that I’m not just full of it. I took before pictures, but I refuse to post them until I have the after pictures. I hope to lose enough weight to fit in the jeans I already own (although going a size smaller wouldn’t make me sad) and enough by summer to feel good about myself in a bikini. This is happening. And I will have the before and after pictures up in a few months, with weights if I’m feeling super adventurous.

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Dear Grand Valley Friends

Dear Grand Valley Friends,

I apologize, I’ve been a bad friend. I’m terrible at keeping in contact with you. I have made promises to come visit and have yet to do so. I could list off excuses about working on weekends and blah blah blah, but that’s lame.

I really do miss you guys. The sitting around watching movies, the comics, all of it. And I swear I really will visit and I really do want to. I just have to find the money to do it. I’m going to try to get on instant message more often and my phone is always near by and there are the various other forms of media that are useful.

I’m sorry for being so distant. I promise I’ll get better about that.

Love, Amra

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