Christmas with Dad

My dad moved out of Saginaw back in the very beginning of January. We didn’t see him again until mid-August and he came in town yesterday for Christmas. We drove around to some stores yesterday so he could get some last minute ideas. I drove and it was a bitch. It was impossible to make a left turn unless there was an arrow.

This morning I had to work from 9am to 3pm then I went home and took a nap until 6pm. Then dad and Joe came over and we opened a few presents and had dinner. I thought it would be a little weird having my dad at dinner especially because my parents have been divorced since 1996ish. It wasn’t too bad though. However there was a bottle of wine consumed, but hey, it worked.

Then after dinner we finished opening presents. I got some nice SmartWool socks and fingerless gloves. I also got three of the four movies I wanted, Dr. Horrible, Serenity and Stardust. Then the usual chapstick and gum and some cash.

Dad also got Sneakers a present. It was a peanut butter flavored mega bone so he looked silly running around with it. I’ve never seen him excited about what was in a box before though. Grandma even put butter on a toy of his and he didn’t react to the box, but he sniffed the crap out of the box this bone was in. He loved it. I think he already ate a third of it.

It was fun and we made quite a mess with the wrapping paper, which is always fun.


December 24, 2010. Tags: , , , , , , , . Just Talking.

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  1. Joy replied:

    Sounds like awesome fun times ^__^

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