Wedding Season

June was the first wedding that I went to this year. It was one of Joe’s cousins on his mom’s side. I had to work during the ceremony so I only made it to the reception, but it took place at the groom’s mom’s backyard by their pond. From the pictures it looked nice. It was a fun party. Joe even danced with me once.

The next wedding was another one of Joe’s cousins on his mom’s side in August. She even had Joe be a groomsman and he looked good in that tux. I went to the ceremony for that and it was a nice one. Between the ceremony and the reception I got to ride on the party bus with the wedding party because I was a wedding party date and the bride likes me. We stopped at a store so everyone could get their booze then we drove to Dow Gardens for wedding pictures. We ran into another wedding party that had the same color theme as ours. They did a group picture with the two brides looking like they were attacking each other. It was hilarious. The reception had some really good music and a photo booth, which was a fun addition. I have a strip of Joe and I and one with one of Joe’s little cousins and I. Then I drove the bride and groom to their hotel after stopping at Taco Bell.

Then there was the September wedding. This one was one of Joe’s uncle’s on his dad’s side. I missed that ceremony because of work, but my boss is a friend of Joe’s grandpa and went and said it was beautiful. I did make it to the reception in time though. Joe was an usher in this wedding so he was in a tux again. The food was good and every spot had a little box with two chocolate truffles in it with their initials on it. They were delicious. And they did cupcakes for dessert. However, the DJ was not good. He talked too much and at one point stopped the music and started talking to people on the dance floor. We ended up leaving early because Joe was tired and so was I from work. I also don’t have any pictures from this wedding.

The final wedding was this past weekend in Kalamazoo. It was yet another cousin from Joe’s mom’s side. We showed up Friday night around 9:30pm to find out that we had the entire third floor and half of the second floor. Needless to say there was a party. Joe, Mary, Chris and I were tired so we turned in early, but Joe’s mom partied in the hallway with her brothers and sisters until they got kicked out of the hall by the hotel. We set up a lunch buffet in the hallway on Saturday because we could. There were a handful of us that didn’t actually go to the ceremony. It was nice and short though, only 45 minutes. The reception was soon after, probably the earliest one I’ve been to. The food was probably the best of all the weddings. The mac and cheese was amazing. And the fish was good too. The place was decorated with white mini lights and tulle so it looked like snow, which was fitting. Joe even danced with me for more than a few songs. Then when we got back to the hotel after the reception at 10:30pm the grown ups started partying again. After getting kicked out of the first room they moved the party into Joe and my room. So Joe and I ended up sleeping in his mom’s bed down the hall and she slept in ours. There were some funny stories. We headed home after check out on Sunday and I lucked out and slept the entire drive home.


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