Black Friday

This Black Friday held a lot of firsts for me. I worked, in retail, although we weren’t too busy. We were busier at our big sale two weeks ago. I went out to dinner and that was slow, even the waiter said it was a slow day. Then after dinner with Joe I picked up Lily and we went to Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart was pretty dead, but it was 9pm. The weirdest thing about Wal-Mart was that the shelves were completely restocked and all the sales were already gone. It was still Friday. I didn’t need to buy anything Christmas related except tissue paper.

However, when I got home I bought Joe a video game and my mom her birthday or Christmas present. Gotta love Amazon.

I’ve never actually gone shopping on Black Friday. I wouldn’t get in line at midnight to go shopping at 4am. Everyone marks up the prices before all the sales anyway so people think they’re getting a fantastic deal when really they’re not.


November 26, 2010. Tags: , , , , , . Just Talking.

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