Wrapping Presents

Christmas isn’t my favorite holiday, but I love wrapping presents. I like to make sure the corners are perfect and I like the challenge of wrapping odd shapes. I also really enjoy using tape. One day, I will wrap a resent entirely in duct tape, then wrap it in wrapping paper, just to piss the receiver off. It would be hilarious.

Anyway, these are the presents I have so far. My sister has two, two are for Joe’s mom, two are for Joe, one for my dad, the gold bag is for Mary (Joe’s sister), one is for Chris (Joe’s sister’s boyfriend), and one for Joe from Lily. I still have to find something for my mom. Probably one big thing and one little thing because her birthday is the day after Christmas. And I am ordering something for Joe and my dad on Friday. Then all that’s left is something else small for Mary.

You will notice that there are no bows or ribbons on any of these presents. Well, I don’t know where I’m going to store them until we put our tree up and I don’t want any of the frilly bits to get ruined so I haven’t put it on yet. I’ll post another picture when that time comes in a few more weeks.


November 21, 2010. Tags: , , , , , , . Projects.

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