College and the Internet

I’ll admit, before college I hardly had any accounts on any social type of websites. I had a myspace, an email address and an AIM account. College definitely opened my eyes to the internet.

I grew up with this iMac

I got a Facebook account back in August of 2008. I had only heard of it once before my mom got an account, yes, my mom had a Facebook before me. She said that I should get one and I figured it was lame because my mom had one, then she said that it was originally developed for college students, so I figured, “I’m moving to the other side of the state and want to make friends so I should probably do this.” So I did, reluctantly. Now I check Facebook a few times a day and my 14 year old sister has more friends than me.

When I started my freshman year at Grand Valley I decided to join a club in order to meet people. I found this club just for Apple products users called Apples and Oranges. I learned so many short cuts and about so many applications it was just

My MacBook today

ridiculous. I can now find anything on my laptop in three keystrokes. I also learned about Twitter. All of the officers had one and said that we should get one too. After some peer pressure I did. I didn’t like it at first, but now I love it. And when I signed up for Twitter it was back in, I think, September of 2008, so I had one before everyone and their grandmother had one. And yes, my grandmother has one along with my mom, dad and sister. However only my mom uses it and she’s pretty entertaining. Now Twitter has become a useful tool to keep in contact with my Grand Valley friends. It’s also a good source of entertainment with all of the celebrities and comedians on it now.

The internet is a great tool and now I know how to use it. Except now I can’t pull myself away from it. Like right now for example, I need to go get ready to do some volunteering at a local clinic, but instead I’m sitting here writing this. The internet is both good and bad.


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