Keeping a Journal

Sometimes I tend to get in my own head too much. I zone out of the real world and think too much in my own. I had tried journals in the past but I always wrote them like I was writing a letter to someone. So this time I decided to try it like free writing and it really ended up helping. I had an extra notebook so I thought, “Why not?” I started a composition notebook back in April and I just finished it the other day.

I kind of took a journal writing hiatus over the summer so there were about three or four months where I only wrote a few times, but I started writing again like a mad woman. Since I never actually took my notebook to class I would write in my school notebooks and rip the pages out and glue them into my composition notebook. The notebook is pretty fat now because glued in pages take up about half of the notebook.

I just started a new one yesterday and I’m thinking about making a cover for it. Not sure what I want to make it out of yet. Maybe some wrapping paper, origami paper or some thin fabric. I’ll test some materials.


November 17, 2010. Tags: , , , , , . Just Talking.

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