I talk about Joe a lot, but not many people know much, or anything, about him. Joe is my boyfriend as of June 2006. He’s incredibly tall, 6’6″, and I like it. The top of my head fits right under his chin. He’s got dimples, curly blond hair and a pair of incredibly twinkly blue eyes. I know it sounds a little weird to say they’re twinkly but they really are. His eyes show his emotion and when he’s upset there’s no twinkle.

Joe and I are two years apart in age. Actually, we’re 1 year and 361 days apart. My birthday is four days before his. We started dating way back in 2006. He had just graduated high school and I had just finished my sophomore year. At first the age difference seemed like a lot, but that went away as soon as I graduated.

We’ve learned how to be silly with each other. We are always playing around and messing with each other. It’s like puppy love but 4 1/2 years into it. We still cuddle on the couch but at the same time we can play Halo together for hours. We can still be romantic too. Although, he’s always been the more romantic one.

Joe has a huge family. Huge. My more direct family consists of 12 including myself. He has nine aunts and uncles on both sides of his family. Just his aunts and uncles trump what I have. However, he knows his mom’s side better than his dad’s side and therefore I do too, but still. Nine aunts and uncles. That’s 18 aunts and uncles and most of them are married and have kids. That’s a lot of cousins. I only have four cousins on my mom’s side and only two that I’ve met on my dad’s side. I love the huge family dynamic though. The family parties are always so much fun and there is always cards and gambling. The craziest part is, all of the men on his mom’s side are just as big as he is. There’s not a single guy that’s older than 18 that is under six feet tall. However, Joe is on the tall end, being the second tallest.

We can be silly, we can be serious, we can be whatever the other needs. He’s like a calming agent for me. Whenever I get upset I need 10 minutes of Joe time and I feel better. He’s also his own heater and since I don’t produce a ton of body heat on my own it’s incredibly nice. And he is always willing to warm up my cold fingers and toes. Joe is also the father of our fish babies, Mr. Bubbles and Bingo.

Over time I have accumulated a lot of pictures of the two of us in nice clothes for dances, and more recently, weddings. I’m noticing this now, but I tend to stand on his right side when we’re dressed up. Weird. Anyway, I would like to share the pictures of when we look our best.

Homecoming 2006

Homecoming 2007

Prom 2008

Wedding August 2010

Joe is my boy and I love him and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


November 14, 2010. Tags: , , , , , . Just Talking.


  1. Joy replied:

    That was awesome! It’s so true I always just see his name and a lil’ snippet. Now I feel like I know him a bit more ^_^
    Great pics btw!

  2. Amra replied:

    Thank you!

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