Something You Might Not Know About Me

I’ve lived in Michigan since July of 1996. Most people in Saginaw generally just assume you are from Saginaw or at least Michigan. What most people don’t know is that I lived in Salt Lake City, Utah before Michigan and was born in Missoula, Montana. I’m originally a Rocky Mountains girl.

I don’t really remember much about living in either place, but I do remember mountains in Utah. However, my dad did live out in Missoula for a few years while I was in middle school and I visited him two summers in a row. One time for a month. That was also the summer when all of the forest fires were going on so it was interesting. It was absolutely beautiful out there though. We went on a 12 mile bike trail that ended in Idaho and had a mile long cave to bike through, spent a few nights in Yellowstone, went to a bison range and went white water rafting. It was a good time and I’d like to go back again. It’s too flat in Michigan.


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