Late College Nights

I know the college experience is all about those late nights partying or those late nights studying. Well I haven’t been getting much sleep lately so this late night of studying is kicking my ass and I’m still not done. I finished two projects for my sociology class. One is a presentation that I’ll prepare for in the first part of class and the other was an online activity.

I'm not exactly organized when I study


The political science exam is what is scaring the crap out of me. It’s over a bunch of boring dead guys from the enlightenment and all of their very confusing and boring readings that I either didn’t read, or was confused as hell when reading them. 40 points of the exam are in 10 fill in the blank questions while the other 60 come from a 5 page essay we are to write in class then. However, she gave us the three topic options, and she is allowing us to write up an outline of what we’d like to say in relation to a certain theorist. And we can have his reading. So perhaps I’ll pick a theorists that I have actually read about and focus on him. I just wish we were talking about political systems instead. It would be so much easier than political ideals from the 1700s.


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