Not a Treehouse of Horror

Halloween was a success. My costume worked out so well. Joe didn’t end up using the skin cap. It looked like a condom on his head so we said no. He did have some pipe cleaners scotch taped to his head for a little while though.

There was a ton of food. A ton. Chili, deviled eggs, baked beans, dip shit, and more chips and dips than you could imagine. There were two beer pong tables in the garage, one with gutters on the sides, and a normal one. A bonfire outside. My mom read tarot cards for any of the guests that wanted it, and a lot did. And there was a keg. People drank, ate, gambled and had their futures read to them, it was good times. We’ll definitely have to have another party like that.


October 31, 2010. Tags: , , , , , , , . News.

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