Not a Treehouse of Horror

Halloween was a success. My costume worked out so well. Joe didn’t end up using the skin cap. It looked like a condom on his head so we said no. He did have some pipe cleaners scotch taped to his head for a little while though.

There was a ton of food. A ton. Chili, deviled eggs, baked beans, dip shit, and more chips and dips than you could imagine. There were two beer pong tables in the garage, one with gutters on the sides, and a normal one. A bonfire outside. My mom read tarot cards for any of the guests that wanted it, and a lot did. And there was a keg. People drank, ate, gambled and had their futures read to them, it was good times. We’ll definitely have to have another party like that.

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The Making of The Simpsons… Halloween Costumes

Joe doesn’t like to dress up for Halloween and I do. I wanted to do a couples costume and couldn’t think of a good one. First I thought of Master Chief and Cortana from Halo, but the Master Chief costume would’ve been too expensive to make. So finally I thought, Joe loves The Simpsons and he could dress up like Homer and I could dress like Marge. Instead of each of us paying $40 for each of our costumes I decided that we would make them. Of course, that means that I would make them. So that’s what I did.

Joe’s costume was pretty easy. He was in charge of supplying a white polo, jeans and some black shoes. I was going to get him a bald cap and give it hair via pipe cleaners so he wouldn’t shave his head, because I know he would and I like him with hair. I got myself a bride of Frankenstein wig that I spray painted blue for Marge hair.

Homer has quite the beer gut and Joe does not. So I took one of his crappy white shirts and sewed on some stuffing in the beer belly region. I put it on and felt nine months pregnant. My Marge dress was not as simple. In fact, it was a pain in the ass. The fabric is not elastic at all, but it was $1.97 a yard at Wal-Mart and it was the right color. The first time I tried to make the dress I used a 9″ zipper and I tried to make it in two pieces. Nothing about that worked so it was back to Wal-Mart where I bought two more yards and a 22″ zipper which just happened to also be green. That time I was successful with the dress.

Marge has a red-orange necklace and flats. I had some white flats with a bow that I didn’t like anymore so I took the bow off and spray painted them red. Then I found a a fake pearl necklace in the 50’s section of our Halloween store and spray painted that too. That was probably the easiest part of the whole costume.

Then one day I thought about how cool it would be to find a Duff beer coozy. Well I found one, so I bought it for Joe as a Halloween present.

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