Totaling One and Buying Another

As if the first few days at a new school weren’t stressful enough, I went and totaled my mini van. My poor Bernadette. I only had her for 5 months.

The picture doesn’t look that bad, but the damage is way worse than it looks. That door is a power door so that creates problems. The axel of the back passenger tire was just completely crooked. The tail light was falling off. And somehow the paneling on the inside of the other side of the car was falling off. Then when we got it to a mechanic and it was put on a lift the whole floor had buckled. So the car was totaled.

Finding a new car was such a pain. Finding a car at a dealership in our price range is nearly impossible. We found two in our range. An American made mini van that just didn’t feel right compared to my Sienna. Then an Intrigue with a faulty gas gauge, engine light on and 180,000 miles. We eventually decided to buy the neighbors 2001 Buick Century. It’ll be nice to drive a car instead of a van.

However I did keep the side panel that got knocked off when the lady hit me going 50mph.

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