Mr. Bubbles (left) and Bingo (right)

Joe and I decided to get some fish. They are our test puppy, because he promised me a puppy after I graduate. And fish just seemed fun.

We each decided the names of our fish a while ago. Mine is Bingo and his is Mr. Bubbles. The tank is a loan from Joe’s sister’s boyfriend, who happens to have a lot of empty fish tanks sitting around. This is his smallest one. He also lent us a book about fish and bookmarked what the best fish for us would be. We decided on the rosy barb.

Mr. Bubbles

We’re very excited about our fish. We’re even thinking about getting two more to make the tank a little less lonely, but we’re going to wait a little while just to make sure we can even keep these two alive. We’re also thinking about getting a different type of fish. So far the zebra danios and the cardinal tetras are looking good. They seem to be fairly small, live in the same type of environment and get along well with other fish. We’ll make a decision on that in the next couple of weeks.

They love to hide behind the log. It’s their favorite spot. The best part is how they seem to dance in the corners. They just bob back and forth and back and forth together and always in the corners. It’s very cute.

The Tank

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