My first two years at Grand Valley have been awesome. I had always wanted the move out of the house and go away to college experience. But wow, I never expected how much it would cost. I mean, I knew it would be expensive, but living away from home sure is pricey. Because of this I have decided to transfer to Saginaw Valley because I am from Saginaw.

Transferring was something I had always thought about in the back of my mind, but never seriously, because it was very hard on Joe and I to be a two and a half hour drive away. Especially because I didn’t have a car until two months ago and gas is expensive.

The idea to transfer back home actually got into my head because of my mom. She was bringing me back to school after winter break and asked if I planned on coming back to Saginaw after graduating. I told her I did for a few years and she asked me why I didn’t just come back now and save myself some money. Within a week I had applied to SVSU. Coincidentally, I changed my major the week after. SVSU has a good school of Social Work so it just made sense.

So in the Fall of 2010 I will turn from a Laker to a Cardinal. The funniest part about this transfer is that the two schools are rivals. There is even a week in September dedicated to their rivalry called Battle of the Valleys which is ended by their football game. For the most part Grand Valley is at the top of their game when it comes to sports. GVSU has about 20,000 undergraduate students while SVSU only has about 9,000 and that tends to make a difference in sports.

I’m very excited to go home and be near my family. My sister is going into high school so that should be fun and my mom may being going back to school for her doctorate. Then there is always Joe and being near him is always a plus. I really am going to miss my friends on this side of the state though. I’m definitely going to be visiting.


April 24, 2010. Tags: , , . News.

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