Hair Cut

Darkish hair via braids

Naturally my hair is a frizzy poof. Thankfully I can do whatever I want to it. I can curl it, straighten it, wave it, even crimp it, although crimping isn’t something anyone should do. Most days I’m too lazy to do my hair so I just take a shower at night and french braid it so that it’s wavy the next day.

Since I am incredibly lazy about my hair I get bored with it pretty easily. Last June I cut off about six or seven inches. Then six months later I dyed it so dark it was practically black. Now, four months later, I got bored with it yet again and the dye from November still hasn’t washed out completely.  I saw a picture of myself from when it was short and though, “Dang, I looked cute.” I decided to cut my hair chin length again. And lucky for me my mom said she would reimburse me the $15 I paid for it.

My new short hair


March 25, 2010. Tags: , , . News.

One Comment

  1. joyofzen replied:

    You do look great with short hair! I usually go back and forth between short and long. And I do the same thing with pictures haha.

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