Hair Cut

Darkish hair via braids

Naturally my hair is a frizzy poof. Thankfully I can do whatever I want to it. I can curl it, straighten it, wave it, even crimp it, although crimping isn’t something anyone should do. Most days I’m too lazy to do my hair so I just take a shower at night and french braid it so that it’s wavy the next day.

Since I am incredibly lazy about my hair I get bored with it pretty easily. Last June I cut off about six or seven inches. Then six months later I dyed it so dark it was practically black. Now, four months later, I got bored with it yet again and the dye from November still hasn’t washed out completely.  I saw a picture of myself from when it was short and though, “Dang, I looked cute.” I decided to cut my hair chin length again. And lucky for me my mom said she would reimburse me the $15 I paid for it.

My new short hair

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Origami Bouquet

Tiny origami roses

I go through phases of which craft I feel like doing when I’m bored or watching tv and after making Joe’s blanket I absolutely cannot knit anymore. So I broke out my origami and decided to find a pattern for a rose. I had made a rose bouquet before, but they were very tiny with a different texture paper so the simpler pattern worked for it.

The glue coated flowers drying

Once I found the pattern and made it I thought I should give the roses a stem. I went to Meijer and bought some shish kabob skewers and glued them in with my handy Elmer’s glue. Then I got bored and thought, “Hey, what if you coated these flowers in the glue, then they would be more sturdy.” So I did that too. Mostly I just like to play with glue, but they are a little tougher now.

The non-roses

Just the roses was boring so I threw in a few solid color other flowers for fun. I thought they would make the patterned paper roses pop a little more, but maybe I’m wrong. Either way, I’m very happy with the final product.

Just the roses

The final bouquet

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Driving Around in My Automobile

I recently bought a car, er, a mini van. My mom decided to buy a new van for herself so I bought hers off of her. So now I have an automobile and it’s very exciting.

It’s a 2000 Toyota Sienna. Leather seats, one power door, a six disc CD player and radio control on the steering wheel.

Now I just need a job to pay for it. All I have to pay for is gas and insurance. If it needs any maintenance I have an awesome boyfriend that is in the process of getting his certification to be a mechanic. All I would have to do is pay for the parts and he said he’d do the rest.

Yay car!

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Joe’s Blanket

I decided to make a blanket for my boyfriend for Christmas and I finally finished it just a few days ago and I want to show it off because I’m very proud of myself.

I started knitting it back in October and thought I would have it done by Christmas but I was sadly mistaken. I had about two thirds of the hexagons done by January. The next task was making the red outline and a few other random colored hexagons then sewing them all together. Keep in mind that Joe is 6’6″ and I had to make this blanket bigger than him.

It was quite a task and I can safely say that I am absolutely sick of hexagons, but I’m happy he likes it.

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